H.E.R & Bryson Get Emotional In “Could’ve Been” Video

H.E.R. & Bryson Tiller Are Hopeless Romantics in Their First Collaboration 


Could've Been
Two of our favorite singers finally release the video for their first collaboration.

The “Could’ve Been” music video finally has been uploaded for fans to watch. This single comes from H.E.R.’s “I Used To Know Her: The Prelude EP.” 

So what happens when two of the most personal and smooth R&B singers to ever get in the booth collaborate? The answer is simply an empty tissue box happens with a new song on repeat to bring back painful memories.

“Could’ve Been,” explains the story of two hopeless romantics who think about the what if’s between them.

Sadly these two do not end up together. No happy story here, just reality hitting hard and somber thoughts waiting for you at night. This is greatly portrayed in the single shots of the singers throughout the video.

The “Could’ve Been” music video moves at a slow pace as the two singers finally meet up after wandering through the city. The anticipation of running into the person you’re crazy about seems to be solved or maybe not.

This is the first collaboration for the two. Hopefully, we will get more of this match made in heaven on tracks more. Watch the visuals below.


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