HERstory being made on Grammy Night

Congratulations to the H- town hottie Megan Thee Stallion who is officially a 3x Grammy award-winning artist. It was her night making her mark on the Grammy stage with a cabaret jazz theme performance of Body/Savage Remix, sharing the stage with Cardi B. performing WAP, and giving an acceptance speech with a surprise special guest.

Megan Thee Stallion accelerated in the music industry quickly after Big Ole Freak began to gain traction. Since then, the Stallion has been releasing hit after hit, breaking records, gaining nominations, winning accolades continuing to dominate the rap industry all while working on her degree from Texas Southern University. The Grammys was the Stallion’s time to shine winning 3 awards out of the 4 categories she was in (Best new artist, Rap song, and rap performance for Savage remix). Her reaction to winning the best rap performance was a valuable highlight of the night since she discovered her win via Skype during the pre-Grammy show. This was the first win but the historical moment of the night was the 26-year-old rapper winning song of the year for Savage remix accepting her award with none other than the queen herself: Beyoncé. Beyoncé was standing and Stanning showing all support beside Megan as she accepted the award. Megan wanted to be prepared for her acceptance speech but began to express her love for Beyonce and the inspiration Beyonce unknowingly had in the beginning before they even met. She aspired to have the same career as Beyoncé always asking herself “what would Beyonce do but more ratchet“. After a few words from Beyoncé telling the small crowd how much she is proud of Megan, the host, Trevor Noah stopped the two before leaving the stage announcing Beyoncé has made history in tieing with Alison Krauss at 27 Grammys wins.

On top of her wins and this being Megan’s first Grammys, she also was there to perform. Megan performed a Savage remix giving a Cabernet theme to the song. Starting the song in a nude and white Swarovski crystal bodysuit with a feather white robe changing into a bustier corset outfit. She then transitioned to the stage with Cardi B giving a more sexy but stellar performance to WAP. 

Winning Grammys seems to be a family affair for the Carters. Blue Ivy has won her first-ever Grammy Award for Best Music Video for  “Brown Skin Girl” video, making her the second-youngest winner in Grammy history. On the same night, it was announced Beyonce tied for the most Grammys, she broke the record with 28 wins after it was announced she won Best R&B Performance for “Black Parade” Beyonce has created history being the most awarded Grammy female artist with 28. She now ties with composer Quincy Jones. 

In her acceptance speech, she states her joy and gratitude noting this is an honor and such a magical moment. “I’ve been working for my whole life, since nine years old, and I can’t believe this happened.” Winning seems to run in the family because Blue-Ivy carter also won her first Grammy for Brown skin girl in the category of the best music video. This win makes her a history maker being the 2nd youngest winner ever. Jay Z also came out a winner that night gaining another grammy sharing it with his wife Beyonce and Roc Nation artist Megan Thee Stallion for Savage remix. 

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