Hollywood’s Civil Rights Leader Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Teaches Self-Made Curriculum on Malcolm X to Nation’s Capitol Students

Madame Gabrielle Alexandra is a cross-cultural investigative in entertainment. She conducted and created a masterclass on the late Civil Rights Leader Malcolm X to the Amy Jacques Garvey Institute.

DMVDaily: Describe your curriculum.

Gabrielle: I am a board member for The Amy Jacques Garvey Institute. This is a grassroots non-profit organization geared to serve the youth’s community of color and advocates for social justice. After talking to members of the Malcolm X family, I became heavily inspired. I refused to teach anything about Dr. King. It’s 2021, it’s Malcolm X’s turn. It’s not a dream anymore. It got done. X is being taught and discussed with Nation’s Capitol school students. The Ballot or the Bullet is what the curriculum is based on.

DMVDaily: You know this has never been taught in school or to District of Columbia Public School students ever.

Gabrielle: I know. Technically, these kids are considered a part of the District of Columbia School system. So, by me teaching it to them, this is Malcolm X being taught in DCPS. How? They will go and tell their peers at school about the information. He was not a violent man. We as a society get “radical” confused with “violent.”

DMVDaily: I sadly was not taught about Malcolm X in school. Finally, someone does it. Now, that you are a politician twice, you can really enforce things the right way. Honestly, we are tired of being taught, Dr. King. 

Gabrielle: Exactly

DMVDaily: Before this interview, you told me to listen to X’s speech The Ballot or the Bullet. Through you, I was taught a lot. I am telling people about the speech. You teaching things that are not taught in schools anywhere in this world.

Gabrielle: I know.



DMVDaily: Well, to help we both people outside of the Nation’s Capitol.

Gabrielle: Yes we do. This would mean my self-made X curriculum is currently becoming more than city-wide, state-wide, and international. I am already internationally known. I accomplished this at the age of 22.

DMVDaily: Wonderful! Look forward to hearing from you.

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