Hollywood’s Gabrielle Alexandra Continues to Discuss PTSD & Duke Ellington School of the Arts – Part Two

DMV Daily: As you are returning back to doing interviews in entertainment, what are you going to do differently?
Gabrielle: Listen, I fell in love with my career and I just returning. I was in deep love with it. I seriously married my career. Now, I am not in my dorm. I do not have to worry about being stalked or bullied.
DMVDaily: What helps your PTSD?
Gabrielle: Asking questions, Interviewing, talking, Social media, and A LOT of music, and social justice.
DMVDaily: What triggers your PTSD?
Gabrielle: I would prefer not to answer this question. This is only because people will try to toy with my triggers which is not healthy.
“See entertainment is the only industry that I know. I cannot speak nor fit the languages of other jobs, preferably regular jobs not in my field. Interviewing treats it for me. I cannot speak to everyone. It was a combination of the different extremely personal things I heard from these entertainment professionals and seeing and hearing things from real war zones and third world countries. Things were shown and told to me very explicitly and raw.  Now I am addicted to doing interviews in war zones and third-world countries. I am a very inquisitive person, so I always want to know more.  These countries were at the top of their game at one point. What happened? Etc. I am very analytical and anxious. Interviewing is in my blood and it’s a part of the skin I live in. ” said Gabrielle.
DMVDaily: Are you staying for the 3rd part of this interview?
Gabrielle: “Yes.”
DMVDaily: We will tackle more about your PTSD in that part but let’s talk about you as a person. We want to get to know you for who you are. so who is Gabrielle Alexandria Smith?
Gabrielle: I was born in raised in the Nation’s Capitol. I attended kindergarten, elementary, and middle school on Capitol Hill. I went to magnet schools. I went to some of the best schools in the district. For high school, I went to the very famous performing arts school Duke Ellington School of the Arts.
DMVDaily: What is your view on education in the district?
Gabrielle: I was recently told that schools in the lower-income neighborhoods do not receive the same education as schools in the more established neighborhoods such as white environments.
DMVDaily: How come you never realized this?
Gabrielle: I was oblivious to it. I have described my schooling life to people outside of the Nation’s Capitol and they would get very envious.  They would say things about it not being fair.
Stay tuned for Part Three of the interview with Gabrielle.

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