Hottest Summer Trends for Women

Need an Outfit for the Summer? Get into These HOT Styles

So for starters, I’ve noticed a lot of clothing being designed to accent the hips and hour glass figures of our women.  This look has been inspiring many these days.  New York female rapper, @Lady London, is pictured below wearing @Grayscale ‘s yellow pants that seem to be grabbing everyone’s attention.  This pant is sexy and sporty while making all sorts of statements.    

Yellow Pleat Pants by Grayscale

What I’ve noticed coming back into style is animal print.  When Rihanna posted her photo for Interview Magazine wearing a Cheetah print bodysuit, this was confirmation.  Confirmation that bringing back this print to clothing is acceptable.  Putting color into this trend is fun as well and gives life to your ‘fit.  Pictured below is a body suit from the brand R X C H that fits the animal print stigma to a ‘T’ and is also very cute *note its thin material for humid weather.

TYGA bodysuit by R X C H

Next we have the one shoulder trend that I must say is very sexy. The bone structure of a woman’s shoulder area is one of her best features.  This type of cut in any dress or shirt is fit for almost any occasion. A brand created by Brianna Wilson (@eenahsanairb), Matte Brand, highlights this trend along with several others.  One of her collections, ‘Caution Fitness’, contains a top that is one of my favorites, pictured below.

Caution Fitness by Matte Brand

Brianna’s Matte Brand lace pant bodysuit was also a look of the summer.  Her clothing sells out quickly with limited restocks.  If you see something you like with her brand, it’s best to purchase immediately.

Neon Lace Bodysuit by Matte Brand

In this article’s featured image, we have the most unique type of knee-length shorts from the @Y Project.  The top being similar to that of jean ‘booty’ shorts, while the remainder of the leg is a continuation of the shorts; still somewhat attached to each other at the sides and inner thigh area by a jean strip.  This is the look of the summer!

Shorts from the Y/Project

As for another summer trend, the corset skirt combination is ‘swaggy’ and gives a nice look.  It pulls together your mid-section with its tight fitting, while also adding flavor to any outfit. The clear corset from Grayscale as pictured below, gives your body its shape and your outfit its POP!

Clear corset from Grayscale clothing line

Not only is animal print back, but any type of pattern from paisley to floral seems to be trending for the year.  This new brand, R X C H has clearly gotten my attention. Yet another piece from their collection that has stood out to me as a summer trend. This unique colored top and pants two-piece set is ideal for any cookout, amusement park, or date night adventure.

Blue Snake set by R X C H

It’s bright colors and unique cut make the top just as easily as attractive when worn alone.  The attire is so appealing, that even Karrueche was spotted wearing it for Coechella this year!


For our dressy ladies, lets get into the summer dress trends.  A brand that many look over, @Sel.Doval, has a dress coming in August of this year that many will adore.  In the designer’s recent Instagram post on her profile @Sel.xo, she mentions that she will begin selling clothes on her site.  As few may know, she currently has swimsuits that glow in the dark as well as bikini’s with comfortable strings catering to women of any size. This new dress Selangie has created gives Vikki Dougan and Alexander Wang vibes.

Sel Doval dress; coming August

Keeping things focused on Selangie as mentioned above, she was spotted wearing a classy pant outfit from @IAmGia with corresponding gloves that contained a strip of feathers, perfect for the occasion.  She paired the pants and gloves with a corset, setting this outfit off the right way!

Pants from I Am Gia brand

Our next dress suggestion would have to be from @HouseofCB.  Containing everyone’s favorite neon green color, this dress compliments the body while remaining simple.  Its pleated effect and sheer contrast makes the dress comfortable and easy to manage in hot weather.

Neon Ella dress from House of CB

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