How Big Brands are Hijacking the Health-Conscious Movement for Profit

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Health And Corruption For Profit

In days gone by, people would often cite the price of a gallon of milk when referencing functional living expenses. No longer is that price an agreeable form of metric as it is lower than it has been in years. An ever-increasing health-conscious community has proven to be a formidable opponent of the once booming dairy industry.

A prime example is Lucerne Dairy Farms, who has been squeezing the life out of udders since 1904. The company recently added almond milk to their lineup and underwent a branding makeover that included adding limited SKU’s and seasonal labeling.

Trinity Brand Group helped the century old company to connect with a changing shopping sphere while maintaining their loyal customer base.

According to the company, they are helping LDF to increase their incremental revenue “Through a confident brand strategy and an iconic packaging design system, Trinity helped LDF transcend a commodity stereotype and connect emotionally with consumers.”

Dairy isn’t the only industry desperately trying to figure out ways to appeal to the massive number of consumers who have taken an interest in their overall well-being.

Companies like Tampax, Cotton™ and Summer’s Eve are just a few of the highly recognizable brands that have switched up a couple ingredients and labeled themselves as natural, sustainable, vegan, etc.

Garnier was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon with their brown bottles labeled as “Whole Blends”. Oddly, the front of the shampoo label lists honey as a main ingredient while the back lists yellow 5 and 6, which are banned in countries like Norway and Austria.

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Colgate is another potential impostor as they have been happily selling fluoride filled toothpaste for years. After natural toothpaste recipes using activated charcoal gained a massive following, suddenly Colgate launched a charcoal paste of their own.

Colgate Charcoal Toothpaste Ad
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One must ask whether or not Colgate actually cares if fluoride leads to a calcified pineal gland or do they just want a piece of the “woke” pie?

Social media, Netflix and good old-fashioned word of mouth have done an incredible job of shaking up the mindset of the masses. Documentaries like What the Health and Forks Over Knives have changed the way people feel about the Standard American Diet in the span of two hours. While health gurus like Dr. Sebi have people using a pH meter to determine whether their water is in fact alkaline.

Many people are now questioning everything they ingest, rub on their hair/skin, use to clean their homes and even what they feed their pet. Nutrition and ingredient labels are being flipped to at light speed. The days of blindly trusting the word of the Food and Drug Administration are over.

With companies standing to lose a significant amount of revenue, it’s easy to see the motive behind the sudden urge to make their products more natural and environmentally friendly.

The burden of discernment now rests solely in the hands of the consumers who must navigate through a veritable sea of “healthy” products.


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  1. This is very true when i 1st noticed a lot of these brands that are the main ones pushing poison even the fast food corporations like mc Donald’s and bk pushing a vegan burger it made me even want to stay away from them that much more this is just showing they are greedy

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