How to make money on social media with Brandon Mimms

When Instagram was created many just seen it as a fun way to share images with their friends.

Niagara Falls, Ontario’s own Brandon Mimms seen this as a way to create a profitable lifestyle. It has always been Brandon’s dream to make a living as an entrepreneur. He spent his time at Niagra College studying marketing with an emphasis on social media. Brandon was destined to be a social media guru and he feverously studied all of his mentors’ tactics to create his own social networking empire. “Anything is possible if you set your mind to it,” (Brandon Mimms)He constructed social media accounts on various platforms like Twitter and Instagram resulting in a huge following. Brandon’s accounts catered to the likes of female audiences and reached over half a million followers on his Twitter page in approximately a month. His instant success led to other social media users to reach out to Brandon for branding, advertising, and promotional opportunities. Brandon created a lifestyle out of something that seemed like a hobby at first. He’s worked with countless multi-million dollar organizations, various personal brands, professional athletes, musicians, and many of your favorite big-name social media influencers. Brandon has the equivalent of a Doctorate’s degree in this industry and is respected as a veteran in the social media marketing space. Brandon orchestrates over 20 personal and niche related Instagram accounts under strict management. Brandon Mimms follower count is rising steadily, with more than 500K plus followers on Facebook and Twitter with an even more overwhelming network that has over 5 million followers on Instagram. Brandon’s consistent hunger has helped him continue his rise to social media dominance.

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