A Couple Tips For Starting A Successful Youtube Channel.


How To Start A Youtube Channel

As a life coach and a blogger, a lot of my social media followers reach out to me for advice.

This morning, I just got off the phone with a girl that I use to know years ago from a job we worked on together. She called me because she feels like she’s stuck in life. Everyone she keeps trying to work with always lets her down (this is common) and she knows exactly what she wants to do.

I’ve always thought this girl was ‘supermodel’ type of pretty. She was even a part of this very elite modeling team when I met her and had a boyfriend who looks like a member of B5. I would’ve thought she was a very confident person. But as I’m telling her this, she said she doesn’t even see it. She’s never considered herself to be “super pretty”.

To think that she would ever be scared to start a youtube channel BAFFLES me because, in my head, who wouldn’t like her?

But in her head, who would?

I don’t want to put too much emphasis on her looks because youtube goes beyond how you look! You don’t even have to be super pretty! You simply have to have a “niche“. What is the MAIN thing you offer?

In her case, I think her looks make her stand out. If she did enter the “beauty” side of youtube, I think the focus on what you say doesn’t really matter compared to how you look.  Some of those girls never even speak, they just do makeup with background music. I encouraged her to start and even offered her exposure on my channel first just because I know youtube would enjoy looking at her.

Before starting your channel, consider this first:

  1. What is something unique about you? (Are you funny? Are you wise? Are you apart of an organization? Do you and your friends have really interesting conversations? Are you great at debating? Are you amazing at taking photos? Are you into fashion? Are you motivational? Think hard about who you are, the lifestyle you live, and the things you have learned over time. Youtube is all about what you can share.

Personally, my youtube channel is about inspiration, transparency, spirituality, and sexuality. I pride myself in the fact that I am as HUMAN as they come. I do not try for perfection, I am for progress. I am known for SHARING a lot about my personality and my lifestyle. That’s true all my “niche” is, the fact that I have no issue with being honest. Something as simple as that is what sets me apart from the rest.


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