“I Am Likely to Marry Someone Who Is 20 years and up. I Intellectually Connect With Adults Who Are 25+ Older Than Me” – Entertainment’s Gabrielle Alexandra

Entertainment’s Gabrielle Alexandra Talks Career & Love, Relationships, Marriage with The DMV Daily. This is a continuation of the third part interview.

DMVDaily: Why were you 22 years old giving marriage advice? These actors were really listening to you. Are you even married or in a relationship?
Gabrielle: (Laughs) I am actually not married, nor do I plan on being married anytime soon. Marriage is something very serious and important to me. Honestly, I treat courting as a marriage. This already tells you how I would treat a marriage. I take love very seriously. I am a hopeless romantic.
DMVDaily: So, you are attracted to people who are 40 and up? I just want to be clear. (Laughs).
Gabrielle: Yes, most of my interviews were with older people. Age is nothing but a number once you are 21 years and older. It becomes a match of intellectual stimulation.
DMVDaily: What is your definition of a hopeless romantic? What exactly intellectually stimulates you?
Gabrielle: New information. I should not have to feel smarter than my significant other. I do not see age when liking someone who is 21 years and older. We live in an ageist society. Love is love.

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