Diamanté Harper also known as the rapper, Saweetie has ventured into a different direction in her career. The rapper/business entrepreneur/ content queen announced a huge collaboration coming via Instagram with the caption “WHOSE READY FOR ONE OF MY INFAMOUS CONCOCTIONS?!” alongside a photo of what appears to be Mcdonald Fries in the shape of a snowflake announcing a new collab with the fast-food chain creating “The Saweetie Meal

The meal order includes a Big Mac, 4 piece Chicken McNuggets, along with a medium sprite and fries. It also comes with two sauces; tangy BBQ and “Saweetie N Sour” sauce, which is a renamed version of Mcdonald’s classic sweet and sour.



The content queen has always had an eccentric choice of eating habits before the collaboration on Instagram live showing off her considerably different combinations of food. Such combinations like spaghetti with large amounts of the ranch or noodles turned into a deluxe delicacy adding variations of seasonings, cheese, meats, and hot sauce, etc. Ironically, also showing how to make a “Mac- gang-bang” sandwich with McDonald’s food.

The meals’ matchup perfectly describes Saweetie’s diet of always creating something different her taste buds love. Saweetie went on to demonstrate the different meals you can make from this order such as “put some fries in my Big Mac or top my fries with the Chicken McNuggets or make a totally new sandwich” as she stated in the new promo commercial for this mashup.
The new Saweetie meal also comes with a different style of packaging than the normal brown signature bags. The packaging has touches of Saweeties style and has been inspired by the “icy” brand.


Saweetie’s excitement was hard to contain as she told “Delish” in an interview: When they said that McDonald’s was interested in collaborating, I was shocked. But I’ve never said yes so fast in my life. I’m just really excited because I grew up eating McDonald’s”
The meal is available to order for a limited time at restaurants, third-party apps, and the McDonald’s app. Prices may vary.



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