Ice Cream Worth Your Criminal Record

Really? The Ice Cream though? For a delightful dessert treat, majority of Americans turn to ice cream to fulfill their sweet tooth craving. How disgusting it was to find out about Blue Bell’s ice cream being contaminated in a store to satisfy the #icecreamchallenge on social media. This is the epitome of ‘they’ll do anything for clout’ song by Offset. People will literally do anything, I mean ANYTHING for a retweet, anything for a repost, anything for a like on IG. Do you hear me? ANYTHING. This has to be one of the most inhumane acts done to actual food that is for sale in a reputable establishment I’ve witnessed in my lifetime thus far.

It all started with a video of a teenage girl (pictured below) licking the Blue Bell ice cream from a store in Texas and placing the container back on the freezer shelf for others to purchase. Her hashtag, #icecreamchallenge, helped the video go viral, bringing us only to the next scenario.

You’d think that after the news, people would take this as a precaution to be more mindful of the lid placement on the next ice cream they choose to purchase, or even to maybe stop buying ice cream at the moment, however this isn’t the route individuals have chosen to take. Instead, they’re going to grocery stores to perform the same duties! Yes, others have completed this #icecreamchallenge even after the first incident’s viral notification.

As stated earlier, the incident of the teenage girl licking Blue Bells’ ice cream occurred in Texas where officials investigated and were notified of the girls’ status as a minor. Since she was under age, the officers turned the case over to the Juvenile Justice Department with no information currently on how the case was handled. In Louisiana days after the Texas Ice Cream scandal, 36-year-old Lenise Lloyd Martin III, was arrested for doing similar activities. The only difference with Lenise’s case, was his age and the fact that he actually purchased the ice cream after he made a video licking it. Louisiana took this seriously and arrested the man while also taking him to jail even after he showed his receipt from the ice cream purchase. Martin was charged with criminal mischief and unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity. Martin stated to officials, “All I wanted to do was be famous. And I paid for the ice cream,” taking us back to the statement previously made about clout.

The man is still currently behind bars for this due to LA releasing laws.

Stop licking ice cream, people.

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