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“Insecure” Returns for It’s 5th and Final Season



Insecure is back for season 5. The first episode premiered on October 24, 2021, at 10 pm on HBO. The show takes its viewers right back to where they left off; at the airport. In season 4, as relationships began to resurface while others crumble, the airport seemed to be the setting of awkward interactions between Molly, Issa, and Lawrence as they are in passing. The premiere episode takes the audience back to the airport, picking things up where they left off. In episode 1, the audience dives right back into the dysfunction of Molly and Issa’s relationship, the awkwardness of Issa Dee, and we seem to see more of another best friend in the group; Kelli.

In the premiere, Issa is flying out to her alma mater, Stanford University, for their 10-year reunion. With her group of friends by her side, she was asked to be on a panel discussion on how she has transcended into a successful career being a CEO for her company “the BLOcc”

There are small impressions of what’s to await in the season in a few scenes. As it’s noted that Molly is now a single woman after breaking up with Andrew. Acting differently, posting suspicious side profile photos with a few breakup quotes on her social media page. There also seems to be a possible growth happening to Molly after this breakup. She mentions trying to change her ways by” living in the present” as she has always planned and prepared her life before. Also, a rift in the establishment of her relationship with Issa Dee shifts how they interact with one another since the friendship was never mended last season.
As established in season 1, episode 1, Issa Dee tends to do a lot of reflecting with her inner self in the bathroom mirror. Issa is still doing her mirror reflection talks that are usually in the present tense, but this time, she was speaking to her younger self. As she talks to her younger self, she begins to ponder on where her life is going as she talks about her goals back then with herself like meeting stars, starting a law firm with Molly, dating the man of her dreams, and even her physical appearance. Though it’s a comic spin on this scene, this could be a way to set the tone of Issa Dee’s storyline.

Issa and Molly’s friendship is still playing out as they try to mend who they were and progress into the future with a stronger connection. Speaking of the future, There was also a cameo that had the viewers on the edge seeing a likely rekindling of an ex from Issa’s past that led to a shocking decision for a special fan base of the show.


Without too many spoilers, the show is starting on a high and leaving viewers on the edge of their seats turning into next Sunday. Catch Insecure for its 5th and final season every Sunday on HBO.