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What spark the idea to create a Janel Cosmetics? 

Not to even being funny, but God put the dream of owning my own cosmetic line on my heart. My love for makeup started very late for me. I was 21, pregnant with my second child. I  got my first palette with Coastal Scents as well as watching StillGlamorus/MakeupbyLeinabaaaby that started my love affair. After spending so much money on makeup, I realized that I could do this myself. It took six years for God to give me the gift and blessing to create Janel Cosmetics.

Why the name Janel Cosmetics?

I picked Janel Cosmetics because it truly is my name. My middle name is Janel and I wanted a piece of myself within my company as well as my love for mermaids.

Since this is a black-owned business, are the products specifically designed for melanin women?

Our products will always be first and foremost for black women. However, our products are for all races, skin tones, and skin types.

What sets your brand apart from other companies?

Janel Cosmetics’ brand is inspired by mermaids and to us, mermaids are beautiful, mysterious and mystical. That’s how we feel as women from time to time. Due to that, we set ourselves apart because we have taken that and made products that will help us feel beautiful, sometimes a little mysterious and definitely mystical.

Were there any setbacks before launching that made you want to give up? 

We did have a couple of setbacks in the beginning that caused a lot of stress but we were able to overcome those “hurdles”.

 What is your biggest accomplishment thus far within the company? 

The biggest accomplishment thus far was being able to hire my assistant. She has been amazing and a breath of fresh air.

What keeps you motivated to continue the business knowing there is a lot of competition in the beauty/skincare industry? 

My family. I am building a legacy not just for myself but also for them. Additionally, I also like to remind myself that even though there is a lot of competition, what I have to offer can’t be supplied by any other company.

What is the bestselling product so far? And what is your favorite product personally?

Our best seller is the Glow Drops in “Midas Touch”. My favorite is the Blush Drops in “Let’s Mingle”. I love how it gives me a flush of color on the cheeks and also a highlight all in the same application.

One piece of advice for young entrepreneurs who want to start their own brand or line of business?

Never give up. Being an entrepreneur can be very draining and hard but the end result will be worth all the hard work and late nights.

What are three things about you personally that we should know?

           I am a wife and mother of 4

I am a kind, loving and hardworking person who’s obsessed with mermaids

Before creating Janel Cosmetics, I had a hair bow business.

Social media handles:

Twitter: @janelcosmetics

Instagram: @janelcosmetics

Snapchat: @janelcosmetics


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