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The DMV Daily Interviews: Eazy Max

Meet the Young Videographer; Easy Max

Social Media’s:

Instagram/ Twitter: @EAZY_MAX,

Youtube: MAX FILMS

Three things we don’t know about you?

 I’m 18, born in Alexandria, VA but raised in Woodbridge, VA.  I started with Videography/ Photography July 2017,

Describe Eazy_Max in 5 words:

Patient, Fast Working, Independent, Nonchalant, and Positive.

When did you realize there were a love and passion for photography and videography?

August 2017.  I mean, I knew I found cameras interesting in my middle school years. I couldn’t get one until my Senior year of high school when I had managed to get a job. The summer after graduating high school, a lot of people started to ask me to shoot music videos for them. I didn’t know I had a love and passion for it. I just found what I created with a camera satisfying, never thought too much of it. Within the first week of staying at Old Dominion University. I realized I was in love with what I do and had I missed it a lot, So every weekend I ended up driving back home to the DMV area to shoot music videos. 5-8 video shoots.

Top five biggest influences?

I’m going to be honest, I don’t have too many, just about two. FoolWithTheCamera and YCImaging (Creative directors) There’s been many times I’ve messaged FoolWithTheCamera and he’s been able to give hella helpful advice.  Knowing how busy and hardworking the guy is; it means a lot that he finds time to reply. YCLmaging definitely puts out a lot of helpful information for cameramen. He’s definitely made my work improve faster with all of the helpful tutorials he provides.

What is your definition of success and do you feel like you have reached a level of success with your passion?

  Everyone definitely has their own meaning, and vision of what success is, but I’m not fully sure of a definition from my perspective yet. I do feel as I’ve reached a level of success with my passion with the way its developed my work ethic. I’m at a point where I’m full all the time, shooting videos every weekend. No matter how tired I get, I’m still always out shooting and getting videos completed fast.

Are there any other photographers you would want to work with?

 Eh, Im more of a video kind to be honest! So photographers? not really, but videographers/, Definitely FoolWithTheCamera for sure.

Shout outs?

My friends Asia (@Aloha_asia) Jose (Joseguapo32_ ). They’re always giving me good advice on how to grow and run business, and they’ve been right there with me on set, while i’m filming helping me.

Spell out each letter in your name with a word to describe your brand.

M- Motivating

A- Action

X- X-clusive

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