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Meet DMV artist Jah Bless With Livengooodlivin


Jah Bless With Livengoodlivin

Can you give us a brief bio about you?
My name is Jah’ Bless and I’m from PG County, Maryland born and raised. I grew up in the Temple Hills Camp Springs area, growing up was rather chill I call it the dry side because nothing ever really happened where I stayed. I have one sister name Ambria and both my parents are still living.
Define your artistry in a sentences
The quiet storm.
How has go-go, DMV regional  music, has influenced you musically? Africa? 
GOGO I’d like to believe made an impact on all the artist here whether they’re young or old, it influenced me because it made some part of me want to be on stage but it also encouraged me to wanna represent and take pride in where I’m from even though I’m not from any particular neighborhood. Far as DMV regional music throughout the years Wale being my number one influence definitely Glizzy, Trel, Lightshow, Jay IDK, Chaz French, Akeem Mimiko, Phil Ade’, Logic, Lil Dream, Alden Wright, and my girls Alex Vaughn and Ari Lennox. I’m real particular on who I listen to in general so even though I don’t listen to everyone if your “Up” around here I wish you nothing but the best. Africa wise is special surprisingly I like Fela Kuti I’m still expanding my knowledge on artist from there.
Take us through a Day in the life with you. 
A day in the life for me is working my 9-5, technically a 9-6. When I’m not in my car running around the area cranking whatever my mood is I’m in my room debating on what to do next. I don’t know what the exact definition of boring is but I’m probably that.
You have a interesting name, where did that originate from? What does it mean to you?
So my real name is Jah’rod but the doctors forgot the hyphen in my name, when I became artist I decided to include it. Bless is everything you think is, spiritual, positive. The name Jah’ Bless mean to that I have a job to ensure my listener or audience leaves feeling better than they were previously. In island culture JAH means god, I decided to my name myself Jah’ Bless because I wanted to be everything the universal term “God Bless You” embodied.
When you’re in the studio, what’s your process? 
When I’m in the studio I normally have everything already written in my phone or composition book that way I can knock out as many tracks as possible. The only times I may include or change something around is if I read it off my phone and as I’m saying the verse I skip a word or think of another word that fits the sentence more better. I don’t like being high or drunk when I’m recording so it’s best for me to be sober what we do afterwards to celebrate is one thing but while the music is being composed I think the sober approach leaves everyone more productive.
For collaborations, who would you ideally want to work with? 
Wale and Dom Kennedy the only rappers I can think of right now, mostly I want to collaborate with more singers 3 GOGO singers off the top of the my head Binta, Scooby, and Trinnie. Ari Lennox and Alex Vaughn most definitely from the area. Though this may sound impossible and a bit naive I want to collaborate with Erykah Badu, Sade’ Patrice Rushen, Shanice, Mary J. , Janet, Zhane’ , SWV, and Aaliyah if she was still alive.
Where do you see your career in five years?
In 5 years I see myself as a DMV pioneer who paved the way for regular and suburban kids to not feel like they have to make or be apart of trap stuff to be cool or accepted, included with that a pioneer for the lane of “laidback” rap which I feel we don’t have because everyone is turnt up or hype. Picture Ice Cube Today it’s a good day in the DMV I wanna be the embodiment of the song in a person you hear meh
Who influenced your fashion?
THE DMV, just from watching GOGO bands to kids in high school, my father’s early collection of foams and air max’s (which is heavily in style now). The area in general played a big part on how I coordinate my fit, even when I do make bag bag I don’t think I’ll stop wearing rounthaway fashion EAT, Madness, Regla, Solb, No Sponsor, Cash Talk, R$PKT Worldwide etc,.
If you have a million dollars in your hands right now, where would you invest it into and why? 
If I had a million dollars I would invest in laundry mats and manicure pedicure places, off top those are in my opinion the two top places people spend money the second one being a place where women spend money heavily. Also in the black community they’re two of the most frequent places money is spent. To add a third place I’d make storage places for people to fit they’re things.
Where can we find you and your music at?
Soundcloud, Spinrilla, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.
Final thoughts? 

Before I impact the world I plan to impact and uplift my area, that’s genuinely all I care about because when I get in position I GOT US. Not looking to be everyone’s favorite, hell I don’t even have to be your number one but make sure you mention my name when you talk about authenticity and staying true to himself. – Bless


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