John Wall Summer Of Separation 1-5

Credit: BallisLife

Last year John was followed by Ball is Life for a 5 episode series titled “No Off Season.” This summer another series called “Summer Of Separation” was made. Think of it as the sequel to last summer’s progression.

Watch the Washington Wizards All-Star point guard grind through the off-season. Catch all the episodes now!

Episode 1

Wall gets tatted and steps on the court for some action. He reacts to the news of Demarcus Cousins and LeBron James.

Episode 2

Wall works out with new teammate Jeff Green. He heads to Las Vegas for the U.S.A minicamp. He also chimes in on the infamous meme of him.

Episode 3

Wall chats about his high school career. He also participates in the Danny Rumph Classic and meets with teammate Bradley Beal in off-season.

Episode 4

Wall plays pickup with fellow NBA players and trains.

Episode 5

He finishes working out in Miami and heads back to his hometown Raleigh, North Carolina for his charity event. He joins a pickup game at NC State featuring some of the best players in the city.




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