King Von and Yungeen Ace have the same girl in theatrical new “Trust Issues” Music Video


Chicago native, King Von, has dropped a new music video for his single “Trust Issues” featuring Yungeen Ace. Coming right after his previous release of “Took Her to the O” all on his new album LeVon James.

The world became introduced to King Von through Chicago rapper, Lil Durk, who signed him back in 2018 to his Only The Family  (OTF) label. Upon signing, he released Crazy Story 1, 2.0, and 3, which acted as the introduction to Von’s gripping street stories. In his lyrics, Von paints elaborate pictures that allow his listeners to take a journey into a Chicago tale. The Crazy Story saga is reminiscent of the Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill’s, Tony’s Story. The two are closely similar due to the gritty lyrics and chilling stories of the hood.


In 2018, King Von released his first project, Grandson Vol. 1, which caught the attention of many. Along with his descriptive lyrics, his videos do not disappoint. Von can bring his songs into video form. “Trust Issues” (feat. Yungeen Ace), follows the two rappers in a love triangle where they are both dating the same girl. Von gives his listeners a peek behind his hard exterior and opens up about his recent relationship woes. This video acts as the rap version of Usher’s “Same Girl,” where it shows the woman being seen with both men, them finding out and including a comedic essence to the music video.










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