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Do You Know The Power of “The Law of Attraction”?

The law of attraction

is absolutely nothing new but it is something magical I think everyone should at least be aware about.

The universe is ran by science and math, whether you recognize this or not. There are 12 laws of the universe (that you really should research because the information will change your life) and the law of attraction happens to be one of them.

The law of attraction basically  “demonstrates how we create the things, events and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies.”

If this is not convincing enough, there are several rich and successful people who have vouched on the power of speaking the things you want into existence. And, if you do believe that you can speak things into existence, you must also believe that the NEGATIVE thoughts/words you speak can also manifest, as well.

  1. Nipsey Hussle 
                            Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle is a very well respected rapper from Los Angeles, California. In one of his interviews, he speaks on the fact that he notices how things he use to focus on in the past are now his exact reality. He said it seems like “I stick to the script” because the plans he made in his head is literally happening now.  He said the only thing that is off was his timing because “everyone expects things to happen overnight and that’s not how it works”. Nipsey Hussle is the boyfriend and father of Lauren London’s child, which was once just his “dream” girl. He said in one of his earliest interviews he claimed he was going to get her and that is truly who he has been with for most of his time in the game. Even beyond that, he claims “thoughts are powerful” because she is just one of many things he spoke into existence. He said “I just had clear visions” almost as if he could see into the future through his own imagination.

So, this leads me to wonder, what are you imagining? Are you imagining at all? If your current thoughts became reality, would that even be a good thing? Pay attention to what you MANIFEST. 


2. Young Thug

Young Thug

Young Thug talks in a interview about how he’s starting to realize that he has to watch EVERYTHING he says out his mouth because his words seem to be magical. He said, sometimes he listens to songs that haven’t even been released yet and the lyrics would casually say things that he is actually living now. One song he wrote went like: “riding through New York in a Rolls-Royce” and even though the song was written two years prior, He realized he is literally now riding through New York in a Rolls-Royce. Realizing this power has even made him change how he speaks in casual conversation. He use to say things like “mannnn, if I ever end up in prison, I’m going to…” and now he doesn’t even speak like that because if words hold power, he doesn’t even want to speak the possibility into that reality.

What negative things do you say about yourself or your future? Are you sure you want to speak that into existence? Do you think you can possibly change your language and manifest something more positive? 

3. Oprah Winfrey

                        Oprah Winfrey   

Oprah is the RICHEST African American woman in the USA and also, my personal number one inspiration. I once attended her Tour, where she told her story, and one thing she said really stood out to me. Oprah said that her grandmother was a slave and she worked for some “good white folk”. The reason she called them “good white folk” because after he grandmother cooked for their family, the family would allow her to take any remaining leftovers back to her own family. Oprah’s grandmother says not every slave is that lucky. Her grandmother would always say to her, “baby…one day I hope you are blessed enough to work for some good white folk like me.” Oprah said, while doing laundry in her grandmother’s backyard, there was this oak tree that she truly enjoyed reading her books under. She said that oak tree gave her much peace and as a little girl she would just dream of one day having her own house with an oak tree in the backyard. Years later, Oprah is sipping some of her Oprah Chai Tea from her starbucks partnership in the kitchen of her million dollar home, and she’s looking out the window and says she simply started to cry. Why? Because, she randomly notices that she has an oak tree in her backyard now….not one, but FIVE.

What is something EXACT that you would love to have in your life? NAME IT! 

4. Lil Yachty 

Lil Yachty says, during an interview, that literally TEN months before his dream came true,  he called it! He was saying “One day, I’m going to walk in Atlanta Records and I’m going to walk out and people will be asking to take my picture”. He said each part of that literally happened only 10 months later.

Be very specific about the dreams you want to happen for you. Do not be afraid to sound bold. What if our words/thoughts really are magic? WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?

5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga was named the 4th highest paid musician this year by the Forbes List, ranking in $170 million from 137 shows in 22 countries over the past 12 months. And can you believe the artist says, “I’m still very insecure in many ways”, but she says if she can pass a gift to her fans, it would be to know “we all have a inner superstar.”

I think this is powerful to say because a lot of think the law of attraction only works for those special and outspoken people but that is far from true.

All you have to do is recognize that we ALL possess this power. We ALL have something deep inside of us that is capable of WHATEVER we imagine and all we have to do is tap into our inner magic and change the way we speak about ourselves and our future.

Wouldn’t you love to one day make $170 million in only ONE year? 

I, too, have my own experiences with the law of attraction that I could vouch for. I look back on some of my recent post and realize I have spoken many of my own dreams into existence. TWO weeks before I moved to California, I said on snapchat: “I’m going to be in LA soon”. I was literally just saying that because my boyfriend at the time, kept going without me, leaving me bitter and hopeful. At that time, I had no ticket or real plans to go, I was just speaking positively. Next thing I knew, a friend in LA, was offering me a place to stay and before I knew it, not only did I visit there but I stayed for 5 months; However, I didn’t start in LA. I originally moved to San Fransisco and while I was there, I was recording an episode of my reality show, and I said in one of the early episodes “we won’t be here for long. We may go to Vegas, Miami…shit, I may end up in Hollywood on your ass!”.

Two weeks later, again, I moved to LA and spent a lot of time in Hollywood (I didn’t plan for it or attempt to make it happen, life forced me to end up there). While in LA, I started a sex blog which generated a following via snapchat and tumblr. I posted a video on snapchat saying “one day, it will be a book and then a movie.”

One year later, and I am the published author of my own erotica book called How to Snatch Souls. 

So, friends, I highly encourage you to not only DREAM but also SPEAK YOUR DREAMS INTO EXISTENCE. Even the bible says, “the power of both life and death is both in the tongue.

-Imani Adrea

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  1. #True…Imani Adrea my name is Jermaine Tucker From Memphis TN. I believe that you and I are going to make a lot of money together. I’m a spoken word artist and songwriter.

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