Leon Robinson, Pamela Price, And The Life Ministry Foundation Makes Waves!

You might know Leon Robinson from The Temptations, Cover, Above The Rim, and much more pop culture but do you know what he is doing to resolve domestic violence? Well, for one, his band and Pamela Price of The Life Ministry Foundation is collaborating this upcoming Saturday to throw a music therapy concert for people to come to. According to Leon, “music is the greatest therapy anybody can have! It bonds people from all different cultures and soothes the minds of billions across the globe.

Leon and Pamela want this one thing in common: To bring awareness to sex trafficking, sexual assault, domestic violence, and many more atrocious crimes that occur; specifically to people of color. “Seeing our people suffer, breaks my heart! Looking at the poor children I encounter on a daily motivates me to solve the issues of abuse in our community,” Pamela said with passion. She continued with “at first, I couldn’t bear seeing my people suffer but as time progressed I found purpose in it. With my foundation, I can empower and change the narrative!”

Ambitious and powerful words from Pamela which really brought me and Leon to perspective of ridding the stigma, is being two men of color, have in our communities to where men find it difficult to seek help, especially for rape. “It’s a serious issue in the African American community and other culture to where men are scared to seek therapy for abuse,” he paused. Leon then continued with “our people have endured so much, I think it’s only fair that we can allow ourselves to open up and receive help. Me and you John, let’s break this stigma!”

Empowering narrative really put the two into perspective. with much excitement I can’t wait for their full story to be heard one day! Join their journey this Saturday, October 5 starting with their annual 5K Walk Against Domestic Violence – 9:30am at the Prince Georges’  Sports and Learning Center. in Landover.  Then at 7:00pm, we are going to put on our dancing shoes and celebrate the survivors with Hip Hop violinist, Heru Peacock, and  Leons’s band; Leon and The Peoples.  Doors open at 6:30, with a meet and greet with Leon.  

More Info About L.M. and Pamela

Pamela Price is the CEO/ Founder of the L.M. Foundation and the Executive Director of the Unheard Voices TM Talk Radio Show, a Radio One Program. Ms. Price created the L.M. Foundation with a mission to give hope to those who need it most! At L.M. Foundation, it aims to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost. To work to rebuild and restructure with those in need, those who are underprivileged, and those who are underserved. The focus lies on community efforts, including small-scale construction protects, shelter, food aid, community awareness, and educational opportunities. She’s created such grassroot programs, Different Is Beautiful TM, a mentoring program for middle to high school students and a STEM scholarship program for first time college students for low income families called the Timothy Price Music & Arts Scholarship. She has become a community advocate for survivors of domestic violence. In 2020, plans to open the Aspiration House TM, a transition home for domestic violence survivors. Ms. Price believes it is important to put back in to the community and to help the next generation.


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