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Greetings, as for this article, is a bit unorthodox from a regular article. Rather far left from what is traditional. I don’t have a specific topic to cover because the questions I want to raise are depriving of a mass amount of events as of recent. As of the year 2020, we can all attest to say this year has been one to remember in the very worst way possible. A living nightmare, I would say. Now, as a disclaimer, I am not here to provide any specific answers to what I’m about to ask, but my main objective is to raise awareness of specific topics at hand. Now, let’s do a brief timeline of certain news, trends, or ideologies that emerged from the year 2020. In the beginning months of the year, we got the announcement of the unfortunate death of Kobe Bryant, speculations of World War 3, and lastly, the beginning of COVID concerns. Later, shutdowns occur across the world, and everyone is forced to social distance. Ongoing to the uproar of police brutality, including the victims George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The protest, riots, looting, having glimpses of peace but also the start of total anarchy all across the world. Continuing, we have big announcements regarding the accomplice of the well known criminal Jeffery Epstein, that goes by the name Ghislaine Maxwell and her arrest in her alleged allegations involving a Global sex and human trafficking ring. As well as last week, the U.S. Marshalls finding 39 reported missing children. While lastly to mention, our extremely dramatic upcoming presidential election.

Naming some of the most significant events to date, I only have a few concerning questions that I would like the reading audience to tune themselves into. First, I would like to ask what is there to make of the current state of the world? Where are we heading? Is there a subtext to the madness? Are we in the emergence of what could be a ‘new normal’? What will be the order made out the chaos? A few things that I think upon every day that, in my opinion, isn’t being asked a lot of the time. The majority of us rather pay it ignorance and label things as a conspiracy. Then dismiss it as if its nothing to worry about. But when that time comes and the things that you dismissed as a conspiracy theory becomes a reality, what you left to do are? How will you react? What will be your plan to advance past and remain righteous throughout? Who knows. I only ask for whoever reads this to sit and think again to themselves about the direction the world is heading? Is it something that can become normal and sustain you and your family for the rest of your days living? The truth will remain destined for it’s revealing to the masses. Do your research.

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