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Lil Wayne Is Back

This morning Billboard published an article speaking with the legendary rapper Dwayne Carter, aka Lil Wayne. The New Orleans native spoke about some heavy topics, including a suicide attempt at the age of 12.

The Carter V was first announced in late 2012. Fans have been waiting ever since. The album had a projected date of December 9, 2014. This was huge because at the time retirement was the next move for Weezy F. Baby.

Carter V Saga 

Wayne during his shoot with Billboard

Five days before the album release date, Wayne went at Birdman and Cash Money on Twitter. He claimed they refused to release his album and that he wanted off the label. To many, this came as a shock because Birdman and Wayne always had a father-son relationship. This was more than a label, it was home. Cash Money records was an empire that Wayne had been repping since he came in the game. All of that came down to this quote below:

“I am a prisoner and so is my creativity.”  – Lil Wayne

In January 2015, a $51 million lawsuit was put in order to go against Birdman and Cash Money Records from Wayne himself. How could this be? A family type bond that came up together in New Orleans was now nothing but a betrayal. The lawsuit alleged a breach of contract, failure to pay royalties, withholding advances and a request in the audit of the record label. The Carter V suffered greatly and was put on hold indefinitely.

Birdman & Lil Wayne go way back.

The rift between Lil Wayne and Birdman was no longer behind doors and open to the world’s eyes. A 20 plus year relationship reduced to two men holding strong in their beliefs of who was wrong.

“I only can imagine what was going through his head, just because everything was so personal and so public,” says Swizz Beatz, a close friend for 20 years. “This wasn’t something he was dealing with with strangers — he had relationships with everyone that was involved.” – Billboard

In June 2015 a deal to release the “Free Weezy Album” halted with a $50 million lawsuit against the streaming service. The next year he joined 2 chainz for “ColleGrove” for a collaboration album.

More frustration occurred and he took to Twitter once again to express:

“I’m a very passionate guy about anything I do,” he says now. “So once I find out that I’m being fucked over, I’m going to be passionate about that emotion toward how I feel about it.” But what Wayne really resented was the distraction from his art — not the money he claimed he was owed (“My mama,” he says, is the only one with “things in her mind that she wanna buy”) or even the conflict with one of his closest friends. “The difficult part of it,” says Wayne, “was finally having to pull the curtains back and see what the hell was out that window — having to actually care about other things than my music and my lyrics.” – Lil Wayne

This past June the lawsuit finally got settled. Both sides were willing to move forward according to court his attorney Howard King. It was reported by sources that he walked away with a settlement well over $10 million. The exact dollar amount is unknown.

The album is expected to drop this fall. Hot 97 reports that it will come out September 21. The tracklist has not been announced and the possible album cover is below.

Suicide Attempt

At the age of 12, Wayne had shot himself in the chest just missing his heart. The gun was in his mother’s house. Over the years the story was told and it all came down to being an accident and unproperly using a firearm. That is all false.

Wayne opened up about this personal tale and explained it was a suicide attempt after his mother barred him from rapping. Longtime friend Mack Maine explained Wayne was ready to share the story:

“He just told me one day that he was ready to address it now,” says Maine. “Just being an adult, reaching a level of maturity and comfort where it’s like, ‘I want to talk about this because I know a lot of people out here might be going through that.’” – Mack Maine


Other Takeaways 

His “Carter V” album will be distributed through Republic Records. This will be the first time Cash Money has not released his music. Another important part of the lawsuit includes rights to fully own the label Young Money. It has been granted entirely to Lil Wayne and is no longer a joint venture with Cash Money Records.

Lil Wayne on Retirement:

“I do think about retirement. I think about how I don’t think I ever will.” – Lil Wayne

All fans can do now is wait for the highly anticapted album. It should be nothing short of great and one can only imagine what he has to get off his chest. To read the full cover story click the third link below!




Billboard (Full Cover Story)



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