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Listen to King Cyrus Project ‘Take Me Out To The Gogo 2″



King Cyrus Stamp is a DJ from Seat Pleasant, Maryland. The current DJ was a former Keyboarder for BWA and former on-air mixer at WPGC. His musical inspirations are Fresh Prince and Kanye West. He has made all types of music from church drumming, Gogo keyboarding, Make beats for an artist, and a DJ. As far as his creative process, he’s always starting with one jay to clear his mind of all excessive things.

One message is “only God can judge me so spread your wings and fly.” His favorite musician Alicia keys. The rising DJ for the most part has performed across DC/ PGC venues/clubs either through BWA or Being a DJ. Social media has elevated King Cyrus Stamp following and the growth of his series “Take Me Out To The Go-Go.” Listen to part 2 of “Take Me Out To The Go-Go” below: