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Before retiring, CEO and Creation and Operations Owner, Silko Thomas, followed his passion for radio and television. He created his own Radio Station, WSLQ-I Radio, a worldwide internet radio station. He designed this to reach a global audience.


“Well after retiring from my government career, I realized that my degree in Speech Communications was far from over. I was free to pursue my first love of Radio and Television. I started my production company many years before retiring. Basically in preparation to what my next career goal would be. The closer to retirement the more intense I became in driving totally into my business,” said Thomas


WSLQ I-Radio is an Internet Radio Station Thomas design to reach a global audience, worldwide. Their music is diverse to include Jazz, Latin, R&B, Reggae, Blues, World Music, and more. Their topics are universal to connect with folks in the Metropolitan areas, as well as rural areas. The use of the internet today is far-reaching.


“Our motto is, We Are The World Community. We want to be a station that establishes a direct connection with communities from South Africa, London, Paris, Senegal, India, Korea, Brazil etc,” said Thomas.


You can also listen to; Jazz, Latin, R&B, Reggae, Blues, and World Music. The station provides a number of personalities hosting talks such as, Urban Roundtable: urban issues and discussions, The Dhyanna Show: Are You OK – tackling issues of suicide prevention, The Future Money Show: educating the communities about the future of Bitcoin, The World According To Sylk – a show focused on the independent artist from around the world which includes; Joyce Wrice from Japan to Korean Soul from Korea and more, The Redd Hour with Natalie Redd hosting music of smooth Jazz, Neo Soul, and R&B, The Ice Box hosted by James Tony Hollins featuring a variety pack of music from slow to mid-tempo to funky groove, and The Smazz Show hosted by Fred Douglas focusing on Smooth Jazz and Straight Up Jazz.

“It will help the community through education, entertainment, inspiration, mobilization, etc,” said Thomas.

He first developed Silkheart Productions then came the Clubhouse and from there came the belief that He could create and operate a Radio Station. WSLQ stands for; W is WE, SL is for SILKHEART, and Q is for QUARTER NOTE LOUNGE CLUBHOUSE. Thomas is taking everything back to basic businesses as a reminder of how it all came to be.


“The purpose of the Radio Station is to take advantage of the technology that exist today and use it to the best of our ability to give our community a voice and to connect with communities all around the world. To educate and highlight the successes and the accomplishments of our world African culture,” said Thomas.


They plan to provide internship opportunities in the future for high school and college students once they are up and running. They will also look into allowing those interesting in the entertainment industry to see the behind-the-scenes of how an internet radio station operates.

You can contact WSLQ-I Radio at Check out their new website at You can also follow them on Facebook at WSLQ I-Radio W.A.T.W.C. Group.

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