LOE Adde


From Brooklyn, NY, LOE (Lyrically Over Expectations) Adde, born Olalekan in 1994, is not your average “Rapper”. His lyricism and charm can be felt through his music which are a few of the qualities that set him apart from the rest.  His knack for melodic tunes and influential word choice allow him to flow strategically on any beat without losing purpose.  Loe is not new to the music industry, he’s been in the studio since 16 and 17 years old creating tunes for those who understand what real struggle is. Growing up in NY is not easy for anyone, but for LOE the move from the big apple was necessary for his family.  The metropolitan area was thrilled to witness the release of his visual for “Akhie”, October 20, 2019 at 4:00p, not to be misunderstood with the fact that Ahkie was released earlier in the month.  The DMV has gotten lucky with this one!  With music available on all streaming platforms, Loe is up next.


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