Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Spice Launches Music Inspired Beauty Line!

Dancehall icon and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Spice recently tapped the beauty industry by launching two sets of music inspired makeup lines titled ‘Piano Make Up Palette’ and ‘Microphone Brush Set.’ The palette colors draw inspiration after some of her greatest hits, such as ‘Cool It,’ ‘Sheet,’ ‘Needle Eye,’ and ‘Romantic Mood.’ Each different color will represent a genre of music such as Dancehall, Soca, Reggae, Hip Hop, and R&B.

Being a trailblazer for reggae, Spice aspires for her new venture into beauty cosmetics to prosper as much, maybe even more, than her already decorated music career has. With so many entertainers entering the same realm of aesthetic enhancing products, the question has come up, what separates Spice‘s latest venture different from others? She intends to use the products as tools of empowerment and invoking self-confidence in people.

It has been a common belief that music is a unifier and gives people a sense of happiness, so Spice aspires that her lines offer fans and new fans feelings of tranquility, joy, and peace that her hit songs did. As her music served as a therapy to millions of fans throughout the world, the purpose behind the beauty line is to give people a pleasant avenue to acquire peace of mind.

According to Spice, “I know growing up and even currently, the right type of makeup applied before you start your day or hit an event has made me feel ten times the boss that I’ve already established myself to be!” “So, I was like let me go ahead and look into the beauty industry to curate products that give my fellow women and even men the power of higher self-esteem!”

This venture into entrepreneurs is her second one in the past year. In early 2019, she launched her hair company’ Faces And Laces.’ Also, Spice serves as a brand ambassador for two beverage companies, Sperone and Magnum. Overall, besides her successful music and television career, Spiece is a humble, kind, and sweet soul who curates products that intends to not only showcase her versatility as an overall brand but also improve the lives of other people!

Currently, ‘Piano Make Up Palette’ and ‘Microphone Brush Set,’ is available for purchase at Spice‘s website, for USD 39.95 and USD 69.95, respectively.


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