Mace Supreme

Mace Supreme Gets YN Jay’s Support On ‘Jumanji’ Single

Rising 20-year-old Milwaukee rapper Mace Supreme has received the ultimate co-sign from Flint MC YN Jay after he blessed his crowd-pleasing Internet slap “Jumanji” with a few of his patent-pending scam rap bars.
Existing as a hybrid scam-rap anthem powered by the sonic Detroit drill music aesthetic afforded by YN Jay’s frequent collaborator, Energy Beats, Mace Supreme’s “Jumanji” single is filled with wild quotable punchlines and an undeniable vibe.
“Uber to my house 3AM/Only trying to fuck/Asking can I take her/Bitch need to go find a bus/Talking bout she broke as hell/Look like I give a fuck,” Mace raps mercilessly on “Jumanji.”
Beginning his rise out the mud during his undergrad at Tennessee University, Mace Supreme opened for numerous heavyweight artists including Voice Of The Heroes rap star Lil Durk, in addition to Lil Keed and G Herbo.
Mace also put forth a highlight-reel worthy effort in 2020, delivering his 15-track Nostalgia album along with his 10K. Caash-featuring singles “She Got Muscle” and “WoahNite.”
Stream Mace Supreme’s “Jumanji” single below.

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