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Mamba and Mambacita: Keeping the legacy Alive

Nadja Cox



Vanessa Bryant has had a tumultuous 2020 but seems to be coming with vengeance in 2021. Only 4 months into the year and Mrs. Bryant is keeping not only her husband’s endeavors in order but creating a legacy for her daughter Gianna Bryant. Starting off the 2021 new year, Vanessa posted to her Instagram a video capturing a series of post-it notes with words written on them such as home, Kobe statue, helicopter, and sheriff department giving her followers a glimpse of what’s to come. Mrs. Bryant is keeping her promises still grieving but pushing forward for her entire family. In her first exclusive interview with People Magazine, after the passing of Gianna and Kobe, Vanessa mentions she has her days when she can’t even see photos of the two or reminisce without being overwhelmed with emotions. Vanessa also said her girls keep her motivated to keep pushing forward. In her words “my girls are my strength”.

Vanessa also won her case concerning the officers who took photos on the scene of the helicopter crash. She wanted the names of the officers to be publically released. Shortly after winning, Vanessa shared documentation of the officers’ names as well as the origin of how the photos spread to multiple people within the department, how many photos were taken and the conversations officers had about the bodies. She is continuing the investment projects Kobe established such as the body armor drink collaboration and closing chapters such as ending a shoe partnership with Nike. Furthermore, she released the 6th novel under the Wizenard series Kobe had created entitled EPOCA: the river of sand.  Aside from carrying the family legacy, Vanessa has been more open to the public about her life via social media. She has shared family events like the celebration of Bianka’s 4th birthday, creating Tik Tok with her close friends, even going on a few vacations enjoying life with her besties Ciara, Lala, and all their children. She even shared a personal moment with her followers of her oldest daughter, Natalia Bryant, getting into her dream school USC. As of April 2021, Vanessa has announced that a clothing line is coming in honor of Gigi’s birthday. The unisex line will be released May 1st and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Mambacita sports foundation; a sports academy to train athletes in various sports that once was called mamba sports and founded by Kobe. It has been renamed in honor of Kobe and Gigi keeping their legacy through charitable endeavors about sports.


Nadja Cox is a 2018 graduate from the University Of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Bachelor of Arts in English/Digital media. Nadja is a photographer, makeup artist, content creator, and graphic designer from Prince George's County, MD.

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