Meet the two entrepreneurs behind Uncle Dell’s Mambo sauce! DC’s own Andrew Burton and Nyles Burton have mastered the perfect blend of that sweet-tangy and slightly spicy mambo sauce that everyone in the DMV knows and loves! Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce began its debut as one of Andrew’s school entrepreneurship projects. Soon after, the accolades and high demand for more of his tasty mambo sauce inspired him to go into business. The Burton brothers sat down with TASTE DMV x The FOOD PAGE  to share the details on how their saucy endeavors began, and what they are dabbling into next!


The Burton brothers have grown up in a household with great home-cooking from their mother. Naturally, they began throwing down in the kitchen at very young ages. With the support and guidance from their well-connected mother, Andrew and Nyles are going full steam ahead and are already planning to expand their brand. They are delving into bbq sauces, hot sauces, cocktail sauce, and even cocktail syrup mixes (look out for their simple honey syrup coming soon). With all of the success of Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce, it was only right that we ordered a couple of bottles and tested it out ourselves! 

Here’s our review:

Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce is effortlessly sweet, tangy, and has a kick of heat that separates them from the other mambo sauces from any other local carryout. I have used it on fried chicken, potato wedges, and even shrimp, and it has taken every dish to the next level! The Burton Brothers of the Andy Factory, LLC, have a winner on their hands, and that savory flavor has me anxiously waiting for their next saucy creation. Not only does the sauce taste phenomenal, but the packaging and design of the bottles are eye-catching, and they look great sitting front row in my kitchen pantry (it’s the little things). There is no doubt that there is a new kid in town, and Uncle Dell’s Mambo sauce is soon to win over the hearts of native DC mambo sauce connoisseurs and the rest of DMV in no time. 

Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce is available now at and also now stocked up at some of DC’s most iconic restaurants, including the notable Halfsmoke DC!

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