March Entrepreneur of the Month: Fred Eady (@6Freeze)

For the month of March we have selected Fred Eady, the CEO of Factual Natural, as our Entrepreneur of the month.

Q: What is your name and tell me about yourself? 
Fred: My name is Fred Alan Eady III. Born in Greensboro, North Carolina but raised in Detroit, Michigan. 24 (on March 3rd) years old Single father of 1 and I work at UPS as a Supervisor and I provide African Products to help assist in natural health for my people!
Q: Where are you from?
Fred: I’m from Detroit, Michigan. 6 mile to exact

Q: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Fred: I always had that entrepreneurial spirit. Gucci mane said a quote in his song Rock Solid: “If you want some money then you gotta sell SOMETHING” So I did! Lol

I used to get in trouble in school and my mom used to take my (good) clothes as punishment in high school. I still wanted to wear good clothes to school so I had to make some money somehow. I started selling THINGS. Phone cases, phone chargers, juices, chips, candy, pop, you name it I had it. I was THAT kid in school. As I got older my ideas expanded and I wanted to provide things to satisfy my audience. If they were in need of something I felt like it was my job to meet it, if it involved a dollar.

Q: What exactly do you do for a living?

Fred: I work at UPS as a Supervisor in a metro-Detroit city called Livonia. I worked there for 4 years now. While working there I gained an extra occupation, Factual Natural which is 3 years old, and that has been what I invest part of my soul into. I have 2 other businesses I have in the works right now that I plan on being stable by the end of 2020.

Q: Have you ever collaborated with any artists and business here in the DMV? If so, please share.

Fred: I have! My boy JR got me on here actually! I have been doing work with The DMV Daily for almost 3 years now and every time I work with you guys, it’s been more than satisfactory!

Q: What are some of your lifetime goals?

Fred: Some of my lifetime goals is to:
Go to Italy
Live in Texas or Baton Rouge
Get a warehouse for Factual Natural
Get a deal with Whole Foods!
Be able to leave a stamp on the city of Detroit somewhere to where my name lives on.
Be able to put my son in a position to when he’s old enough, he’ll run FN.
More businesses!
Q: What do you have planned next ?
Fred: I have an aromatherapy list of essential oils branching from FN to a whole new collection of work. I can’t tell you the other one. I’ll end up on here every month!

Q: How well do you take criticism?

Fred: “A weak mind sees things out as problems, a strong mind sees things out as opportunities.”
Sometimes i prefer it. It could be that extra push I needed.
Q: What is your motivation or inspiration behind you becoming an entrepreneur?
Fred: My motivation behind becoming and entrepreneur is to be able to put effort into something beneficial. What I mean by that is, If I’m able to help a certain amount of people out, make their lives easier, and reap the good life of it, why not?
Providing things for people, being able to make ideas, and people actually like your ideas that you think was crazy is a great feeling nonetheless. It definitely helped me find some of my purpose in life. A Lot of my inspiration came from life experiences and decisions I made in the past that I don’t want to go back to.
God is my inspiration, the fact that he’s about to put me in this position to be the best that I can be says a lot there. I have a lot of family and friends that inspire me to be an entrepreneur. Seeing certain people do without didn’t sit well with me, if I know I can sell it to them.
Q: Talk about your most recent event opportunity or experience.

Fred: My most recent event opportunity was The Ladies Brunch that Briahna Marche hosted. It was great because this time she wanted more male vendors for this event and I had a great time networking with all the wonderful people. I got drunk off of mimosas and ate chicken and waffles, shrimp and grit, strawberries, and more. I highly recommend anybody who does event’s do that. I love to eat and everybody is happier when they ate lol. I gained some contact with some people and ran into a few old faces. Anytime when I go to an event, it’s more than just making sales because that’s going to be regardless. Getting a connection with an individual is more sincere and key to gaining loyal customers.

Q:Do you support any other up and coming businesses and host your area? If so, who are they (Instagram names).

Fred: I support every business that comes in contact with me! I want everyone to win honestly. It’s a lot of hosts I support and love like:
Briahna Marche’ (@BriahnaMarche’)
Mary M. (@Perfecttttt)
Ramoni Overton (@xo_ramoni)
and my good friend Kelz (@Kelz).
Some businesses are in the same field as me with natural care and it doesn’t change a thing between us. We share ideas, customers, and help each other out whenever we need it.
Some businesses I support are:
Elle Jae Essentials (@ellejaeessentials )
No Stretch Skin Care ( @nostretchskincare)
Hair Magic by Mary (@Hairmagicbymary)
Touched by Tish (@touchedbytish)
Glow with RO Fitness (@glowwithrofitness)
Fit by Case (
Jane’s Roses (@shopjanesroses)
Body Luxe (@bodyluxe__)
Naturally Alluring Hair Care (@naturallyalluringhaircare)
Taty skin & Beauty (@Tatyskinandbeauty
Dia J collection (@_DiaJCollection)
Bodied by Mo (@Bodiedbymo_)
Whipped By Whitt (@whippedbywhitt)
Blessed by Chef Shan (@Blessed_by_chef_shan)
Retell Closet (@TheRetellCloset)
SKP TV (@therealskp)
Bels Bites! (@Bels.bites)
It’s a lot more.
Q: Where do you see yourself in within the next couple years?
Fred: I see myself having my Factual Natural products apart of a major company’s inventory.


Factual Natural is a natural African small business originating in Detroit, Michigan. Based on products to treat the health and wellness of skin, hair, and other bodily problems. Products are imported from countries like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, and even Egypt. Bringing the goodness to you from the motherland!

Follow Fred on Twitter & Instagram @6Freeze along with his business page @factual.natural.



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