Mark Andrews Suffers Severe Cramps in Practice

Ravens get a scare from Mark Andrews in today’s practice.

Pro Bowl tight end Mark Andrews suffered from serious cramping during the Ravens-Panthers joint practice. An ambulance was called to the field for Andrews.

Head coach John Harbaugh commented on the matter:

“Mark’s cramping. He’s got some pretty serious cramping going on. So he’s got to work through it. The humidity really shot up. Obviously, he’s working super hard. He’s got to get that calmed down a little bit.” 

Andrews has Type-1 diabetes and has to constantly monitor his blood sugar levels throughout games and practices. Harbaugh was not sure if the cause was blood sugar levels though.

The tight ended up walking off the field on his own after receiving IV treatment. The Ravens are set to face off against the Panthers on Saturday for their next preseason game.





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