Maryland Schools Closed Until April 24th

Maryland State Board of Education Logo

MD Public Schools will be closed for another month.

Today, Maryland State Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon announced the closure of all Maryland Public Schools until April 24th.

Dr. Salmon said she is working with superintendents around the state to provide remote learning as students are unable to attend classes.

In addition, Dr. Salmon said the Maryland Department of Education is looking for locations for child care services for the kids whose parents are considered essential personnel during the COVID-19 crisis. Right now, she says, spaces have been identified across Maryland for 1200 students, including YMCA’s, parks and recreation centers, the Maryland School for the Blind, and boys and girls clubs. The search continues for additional space to provide services for 2500 children.

Dr. Salmon says any parent whose job is considered essential during this crisis and needs childcare for their kids is asked to call 1-877-261-0060.

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