Meek Mill Sits Down With Wallo To Discuss Prison, His New Album Championships & More

Meek Mill Wallo

Ever since Meek Mill’s release from prison, he has been on a mission for justice and prison reform. In this interview, Meek Mill sits with Wallo to discuss his album “Championships,” prisons and more.


The interviewer Wallo was in prison for over 20 years for armed robbery. Another man named Rah Rah just got off on a 25-year bid. Meek met him in prison.

The two men talked about the transition into prison, your mental state/health, and just surviving every day. It truly is a battle.

Coming out is a challenge as well if you make it. You have to catch up with what has changed in the world, find a job, be on parole and strictly monitored until the court ordered date.

In a system designed to break down young black men, Meek Mill has the voice and platform that many former felons and criminals don’t.

Meek Mill’s Mission

Meek’s album is a testimony to what is going on the in our streets, courts, and homes of many people. The harsh reality was quickly realized and he knows he has the power to make a change.

The growth while his prison stint is apparent and Meek continues to work every day towards a fair brighter future for people who get caught up in the system.

This interview is a huge eye opener especially if you’re from this background. Wallo has a genuine interest in making young lives better and bringing justice to the forefront. Be sure to watch the full interview below and follow him on social media.

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