BigBxndBenji is a 20 year old from Fredericksburg Va. He’s quite the talent considering his crafts are a composer, rapper and music engineer. He said it all started around the age of 11/12, he was rapping with his best friend named Baby J. Around 14/15 Benji started to take his craft more serious, he said he purchased a MacBook and started recording. Mixing and mastering wasn’t a big deal at the time, he says he was focused more on the lyrical content. It wasn’t until he met Noo$e (@NooSeMusik on twitter) in high school that he started to pay attention to the quality of the music as well as the lyrical content. He also started hanging out with Hutch (@smokewithhutch in twitter) which led to drunk freestyles at hutch’s apartment, one day Loner Avenue came over with his studio equipment and they’ve been recording together non stop since!
I just wanna make something on this earth that won’t be forgotten. We live, We die, I want something I’ve done to stick around for a while.

Q: Since you’ve started, how do you think you’ve grown and developed overtime ? What experiences taught you the most?
A: “I honestly have to say being around Baby J, Loner Ave., Hutch & Noo$e has helped me grow as an artist. I was never afraid to tell facts about my life in my music I just never had the do what you want feel. I used to try and make music people would like now I make what I like, & get then fact check on if it’s good work from Loner Ave., Noo$e, Hutch, & Baby J… again I plan on releasing a lot of music soon so there’s not much up on my SoundCloud: VBigBxndBenji just yet but In a couple weeks there will be a bunch of new music from me.”

Q: How do you stay true to yourself and what would you say about your music that reflects you?
A: Like I said I like to be alone. So it’s not too hard to stay to myself. I think I make a wide variety of different types of rap music. Since I go off of feel it’s easy to put the lyrics to whatever the situation may be.

Benji says that this year we can be expecting more visuals from him and “plenty of features” on his next projects. He also says he got to perform at a hometown show featuring Lil sloppy that was a career defining moment for him. “I got to find out I’m a good performer plus that was the first time I’d gotten paid for performing” he says. He says that rapper wise, Supe Dupe, SG Quise, BaliBaby were his favorite collabs and as far as Production Juggman RICO, Nuez, DJYungKash, PSOUL were his favorites so far. He describes that he’s done “damn near every type of rap style” also likes to have fun on ad-libs and has more fun mixing his own music which makes him feel different from the other local artists in his area.” Recording with anybody would work with me I’m open to it I just don’t know how to put myself out there like that.” He listened to a lot of Dr. Dre The Chronic Album, Snoop Doggy Dogg Tha Dogg Pound, Erykah Badu Baduizim, Faith Evans, John Legend, Al Green, Mary J. Bridge, DMX, NWA, Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Method Man, RedMan, and D’Angelo growing up but greatest to him is Kendrick Lamar . We can’t wait to get new music from Benji this year. Make sure you follow Benji on all his social media platforms:

Twitter: @BenjiBxnds
Instagram: kill_ogmike

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