Meet Cleveland Producer Sire


Where did the name Sire come from?

The Meaning of Sire is king and my goal is to reach kind status as a producer

Three things about that we don’t know?

I am 15, I like cars, and Chinese food.

Name the challenges of being a producer?

You have to stay consistent if your looking for growth because short term dedication leads to short term results.
How would you explain to somebody who doesn’t produce the job of a producer? 
Being a producer is a learning process if you want to learn how to produce it will take time.
How has Cleveland, Ohio influenced your music?  Southside, 9th wonder ,Pierre Bourne and metro boomin?
Cleveland always has different music playing on the radios so I try to change up my sound on my beats all the time .
What’s your producing process like? 
I load up omnesphiere and cook.
Walk me  through a day in the life with you. What do you do? 
I wake up, make beats eat and make more beats.
Top five favorite places? Foods? musicians? 
I’ve always wanted to go to bora bora, nyc, Chicago, Las Angeles,and Dubai. I really like Fried rice, orange chicken, fried chicken, noodles, and French fries. My favorite musicians would probably be Stevie wonder, 9th wonder or Timbaland.
Which musician dead or alive would you love to produce for and why?
I want to produce for Gunna because his flow is very unique
Where do you see yourself in five years? 
In five years I want to be a household producer with plaques, connections and fulfillment.
Where can we find you at? 
You can find me on Instagram and Twitter  @sire_216

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