Meet the DMV presents: Designer Shamar Holloway with Ramahs

Meet the Designer

When it come to the fashion industry it can be a very rough field to jump into. Shamar Holloway of Petersburg, VA make it seem easy with his Brand Ramahs. The talented 22-year-old creates fashionable and luxury hand-crafted pieces-  that is affordable for the everyday person. With his brand Ramahs being around for only 2 years, he has made an enormous impact in the fashion industry. Check out our interview below and get to know the Fashion Designer.

Explain to our readers what is the concept of Ramhas?

The concept of Ramahs™ is for everyone to have luxury streetwear custom pieces of clothing for an affordable price.

What sparked your interest in designing custom pieces?

Growing up I hated dressing like anyone else in school. I hated for somebody to have the same clothes as me

Are you self-taught or did you study fashion?

I taught myself how to construct and sew clothing.

How has your work evolved since you started your brand?

It evolved TREMENDOUSLY!! I came a long way since 2015 & still have a long way to go.



Have you designed any pieces for celebrities? If so who?

I have designed for a couple underground rap artist such as “Street Money Boochie” & “Ant Glizzy” I also designed for Love & Hip-Hop reality start Tihary. She was actually the first celebrity I ever designed something for.



What would you say is one of your notable pieces you made so far?

One of my most notable pieces to this day is my global world tour bomber jackets and hoodies.

What are some highlights of your fashion career?

Personally, I think my most notable highlight of my career is the inspiration I give to other, just by doing what I love to do every day. Also, my store I just obtained which I’m preparing to open in 2018.

Are there any types of clothing that you avoid creating? If so why?

I avoid designing dresses & formal wear simply  because I feel I’m not ready yet & I also don’t want to swerve in that lane, but I will teach myself soon, because I always wanted to make a prom dress.

What motivates you to start a new collection?

Just living life everyday motivates me to begin a new collection. Just the way of the world, I go out and find the motivation

Do you have a favorite and least favorite fabric to work with?

My favorite fabric to work with is thick stretch knits & 100% cotton. My least favorite fabric to work with is fur. It’s messy I hate it, but I love the outcome.

What’s your favorite trend in fashion right now?

My favorite fashion trend right now is the motor-cross/ski look. puffer jackets, goggles, & boots. its dope.

What’s your least favorite tread in fashion right now?

My least favorite is the embroidery floral and animals. It was a favorite when Gucci first debuted their collection I loved it. I even did a couple pieces with the embroidery, but now I feel like it’s overused and watered down.

Do you have a rule that you live by when you’re creating a new piece?

I don’t have any rules to go by. I feel like there are no rules in fashion. It’s art. it’s your freedom of expression.



If you would like a custom piece from Shamar, contact him via Instagram @Ramahsstudios or Facebook Shamar  Holloway.

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