Meet The DMV Presents: Jae Alexander

Meet Jae Alexander

Jae Alexander

is a 23 yr old American rhythm & blues singer, songwriter and entertainer. In 2016 he has released his debut EP (Extended Play) “All Out of Apologies” (February 14, 2016), along with his summer hit single “MoveAround” (July 8, 2016), “Lookin” (October 8, 2016) & “HalfPast12” (December 31, 2016). “MoveAround” & “Lookin” reached the entire DMV once aired on DC’s most notorious radio station WPGC 95.5 multiple times within the month of each release.

Jae’s take on R&B focuses on his versatility within the music he creates, and his ability to reach all audiences.

Growing Up

Jeffrey Alexander Ellis was born in Tacoma, Washington on December 18, 1993. He is the son of Billy Ellis, a 21 year veteran who currently works as a Project Management Professional with a government office in Alexandria, Virginia. Shortly after his birth, Alexander’s father got stationed in Washington D.C. at Bolling AFB where he was raised majority of his young childhood. Alexander’s mother Sonya Cordelia Smith (after re-marrying) did most of the raising of him and his three sisters, Tamarah, Alexis and Angelah. Alexander began singing and playing piano when he was six years old.

He had a strict Christian upbringing, and as a teenager participated in most church activities and choirs. His natural talent for music often got in the way of his education, as he would be kicked out of class for making beats on the desk and humming tunes rather than doing school-work. Alexander attended North Point High School, where he received passing grades, and participated in JROTC as a drill team commander. Alexander always knew of his military service to come, and was the first commander at the school to win a national drill-team title. He also sang in the choir for two years and took piano class.

Next Chapter

After completing high school, at 17 years old, Alexander enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he served 4 years. During his service in 2014, Jae toured the world singing and performing as a male vocalist with the Air Force’s premier entertainment showcase Tops In Blue. At this time Jae found himself re-obsessed with making music and soon realized serving the military would not fulfill his desires. In October of 2015, nearly a year after returning from tour Jae separated from the military, leaving his last duty station in Italy, and returned home to Washington, DC to pursue his music.

Work continues

Now Jae Alexander is currently winding down the 2016 promotion of his debut EP & 3 album singles. Along with the production of his concert series show “SaturdayNightVibez” all of which prepares his fans for his up-coming debut album “Anticipation”. Jae now works regularly with a number of producers, artists, and engineers in the Washington D.C. area, in hopes to expand his music, find management and later a label that believes in his ability to sing and write music.

Jae’s Work

Twitter: @TheJaeAlexander
Instagram: @TheJaeAlexander

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