Meet DMV Rapper Clutch Rob

Q: What is your name and tell me about yourself?
ClutchRob: My name is ClutchRob and I’m a 20-year-old artist from Washington D.C., Uptown to be exact. I was born and raised around Rittenhouse Street. I had moved to California for about 5 years before relocating back to D.C.
Q: What inspired you to start your music career?
ClutchRob: I started rapping when I was in high school. I always free-styled as a kid because my dad and mom use to make music but then I had stopped with music overall when I went to off to college at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. I recently just got back into music hard because I know what I say is very unheard and raw, also too many people heard me freestyle at parties and events and would always say I need to get back rapping ASAP, so here I am now.
Q: How long have you been rapping for?
ClutchRob: This is really my fresh start so if anything I would say a few months since I have been back. If I were to included everything, then I would probably say since like 2014. The first song I have ever made was with Tuffy, it is very old and you can
hear how far I have came but you can listen to the song here via SoundCloud. A lot has changed since then.
Q: Have you ever collaborated with any other artists? If so, please name a few.
ClutchRob: I have had the chance to work with several artist, such as my brother my twin Lil Don. I would die for him, we will always be working together. Some other artist includes Juando, Young Glide, Migo Lee and much more in the works this moment.
Q: What are some of your lifetime goals?
ClutchRob: My number one lifetime goal is to be rich and continue to get richer by the second. I want to take care of my family, close friends, and the ones in my everyday life. Right now I’m trying to finish college for my grandparents but once my music takeoff which I know it will 100%, that will be my only focus and hopefully I have my degree by then.
Q: What do you have planned next for you music?
ClutchRob: My first tape since being back #BEENCLUTCH is officially out and available on every platform, I got some sneaky features something slight but this tape was basically for myself to let the people know I been clutch, my name isn’t just my name it is apart of me and has always been. I also got some videos, singles, and more on the way. I just recently got back from doing work in LA.
Q: How well do you take criticism?
ClutchRob: I love criticism from good to bad because it helps always if it is good your doing things right and if it is bad it is still ok because that means people are listening and care to tell you their opinion. In my opinion there is always room for improvement no matter what.
Q: What is your motivation or inspiration behind your mind?
ClutchRob: My motivations would be wanting to have the best life and just my grind. Everyday I wake up and think about or try doing so much for my family. My mind is full of thoughts from growing up, to being in the streets, to talking about the things I want and I am going to get and do.
Q: Talk about your latest mixtape or single?
ClutchRob: My latest single “Big Man”  dropped on Spinrilla on 7/22/19 and it was just a teaser basically before my tape drop. People say they been waiting too long with all these triller snippets I keep dropping.
Q: Do you support any other up and coming singers/rappers in your area? If so what are they.
ClutchRob: I support a lot of upcoming and even popping artist where I am from. I love to see everybody winning and I personally love music if it sound good to me I’m supporting and sometimes even if it is bad I’m supporting because I know the feeling of wanting support and people watching or commenting on your work.
Q: Where do you see yourself in the music game within the next couple years?
ClutchRob: In the next couple years I just see my fanbase, stage presence, and name being bigger than it is now and hopefully if its fast on XXL or something but I ain’t press for the clout, fame, or being seen, I like to stay alias honestly but I know I will have a lot more fans, supporters and even haters, I love the haters!
“Been Clutch” is now available for download on Spinrilla and you an listen to it here on The DMV Daily website.
You can follow ClutchRob on Twitter and Instagram @_moneygangrob

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