DC has always been a fashionable city, some of the greatest entertainers and fashion icons have spoken highly of The District’s unique look and style. From Shooters to Solbiato, Bonadacci to EAT, there is always a new homegrown brand ready to lead the next wave of fashion for the DMV. Today we spotlight a clothing company quietly taking over the city; a female Black-Owned business by the name of “Slyce Bread“!



Owner & Creator of SLYCE BREAD Laveya Evans
Slyce Bread was conceived by Laveya Evans initially in 2015 as a one-stop-shop for all of your Stylists’ needs, from hair and makeup to personalized clothing styling. She had this vision of creating a fashion and style creative space similar in fashion to something like “WEWORK” but in 2017 things would take a life-changing turn.
Between 2016-2017 Laveya would suffer from the symptoms of depression, instead of letting it get her and debilitate her she decided to channel her negative energy into painting; specifically on clothes. She adopted the graffiti style of drawing which was inspired by the graffiti that could be seen all across DC via the train lines and on the sides of the convenience stores many of which were created by DC graffiti art legend the late, great Disco Dan. She started by just writing self-love affirmations and positive words on her clothing but as more people would see this they would inquire about where she got it which gave her the motivation to officially start the first step in her plan by formally creating SLYCE BREAD and its clothing line.
A Washington, DC-themed piece from SLYCE BREAD
Her journey as a businesswoman hasn’t always been smooth but her perseverance and dedication to building a brand her daughter could be proud of and run herself has put her in the room and beside some DMV fashion & music legends and not only being able to be in the room but make a profit and sell her merch alongside major brands like Madness and EAT! SLYCE BREAD has even made it across the water as her custom creations have been seen on citizens in Cameroon. She recently lost the father of her child to gun violence but this hasn’t stopped her, if anything this has made her push even harder to spread her message of loving each other and loving yourself through the expression of fashion.
We hope to see more from SLYCE BREAD as she comes into her own as a sought-after stylist/fashion Designer and we definitely will be staying tuned to the new drops on the way!
If you would like to reach out to Laveya/SLYCE BREAD you can reach her directly on Instagram.