Meet Local Author Carter Hughes & Checkout His New Book “Finding Your Super Powers”

The DMV Daily had the pleasure of speaking with Carter Hughes from Virginia, who recently released his new book “Finding Your SuperPowers“. Carter Hughes is a National Subject Matter Expert in Workforce Development who provides informative tools to help you initiate progress in your professional careers.  Carter has two decades of civil service ranging from the local to the federal levels, and he continues to utilize the gained knowledge from those experiences to assist people with identifying appropriate entry points to successful careers. Tune in to our candid conversation down below.

Q: Introduce yourself to the writers: Who are you? Tell the readers about yourself. 

Carter Hughes: I’m a person who’s been blessed with some ability in regard to comprehension, so I use my abilities to try to help people.  I’m a translator/advocate that helps people identify solutions.

Q: Nice to meet you, so when did you first realize you wanted to explore the world of writing?

Carter Hughes: I first decided to move forward with exploring the possibility of writing a book when I felt I had packaged the information I gathered in a format that people could benefit from.  So, when I felt like I could put something of value out, I moved forward with writing the book and putting it out on Amazon.

Q: Who was your motivation to write your book? and what exactly is it about?

Carter Hughes: People were my motivation to write the book.  I’ve been a helper most of my life, and I recently worked in a position where I filed medical disability claims for people, so I was somewhat of a grief counselor as well.  Seeing so many people that could use a sense of foundation in life, I was compelled to try to provide a tool that can help them accomplish that.

Q: So, when you’re getting into writing mode, what does a full-day schedule look like? 

Carter Hughes: I write in spurts.  I write in different formats as the ideas come.  Then I bring it all together in the end.  So I have different sections written on my phone, in actual notebooks, in an electronic notebook, and also a work computer I had at one point.  I let it sit for a bit.  Then I go back and keep making little changes until I feel comfortable with the end product.

Q: As a child, what did you want to do or to be growing up?

Carter Hughes: As a child, I think I just wanted people to be happy.  I was smart and I was also funny.  I was the baby of my extended family so everyone wanted me to be the doctor.  But I had no clear occupational goal as a child.  I just wanted everybody to have as much fun as I was having.

Q: What do you think makes a good story?

Carter Hughes Depends on why the reader’s reading it.  For avocational stories, I think if it evokes emotion, then it’s a good story.  For vocational writing, I believe if it provides a useful tool then it’s valuable writing.

Q: When under extreme criticism for something you said in your book, how well would you be able to handle it?

Carter Hughes: I would be upset if it was offensive criticism, but I would explore it to see if there was any validity to it.  If there is, I would need to address my shortcoming.  Who knows how I would react in real life lol.  If it’s not valid, hopefully, it’s funny.  If it’s funny, I’ll laugh, if it’s not funny I’ll move on.

Q: Everybody gets a day to themselves, what do you like to do when you are not working or writing?

Carter Hughes: Watch interviews of successful people, listen to hip hop music,  watch basketball, watch comedy movies.  During non-covid times, playing basketball, listening to hip hop, learning from successful people, going places with my family.

Q: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

Carter Hughes: It wasn’t surprising, but the difficulty of creating a book was the most significant thing I learned.  The experience just reinforced my respect for the writing process, and for the real writers out there.  I’m more of a toolmaker than a writer currently.

Q: What is your creative process like?

Carter Hughes: Things come to me throughout the day as life happens.  Things that happen throughout the day whether in life or in conversation, spark different ideas that eventually end up on the page in some form.

Q: What is one message you would give to your readers?

Carter Hughes: We all have something amazing about us, and tapping into that belief that can change everything for you.  Life is not easy, but we are all strong enough and resourceful enough to accept the challenge if we believe we are.

Q: What’s next for you?

Carter Hughes: To continue to help people where I can, with the skills I have.  I’m currently working on a book series with my daughter.  Teaching good community lessons.  And my son is currently beginning his professional gaming career.  So just continue to try to explore our interests and put valuable items out into the world.

Finding Your SuperPowers by Carter Hughes, available now on Amazon!  

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