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Our clothing line is an artistic approach to supporting the growth of our people and the growth of our future. My artwork tells a story and sends a message to the black community such as “Peace In The Streetz” to represent what we as a people need to understand is very important to our future growth. We cannot grow if we keep killing each other. We fight the same fight, just in different neighborhoods and different parts of town. We have to stand together as a community in order to win over our common enemies. But we have to win the right way. My “Melanin Poppin” design represents police brutality as well as black on black crime. We need to end all the melanin “poppin” of the black community. We need to stop “poppin” each other, and stand together so that the police will stop “poppin” us. Black Vybes tells our people around the world that we all share the same desires and feelings about this world, we just have to stand together. My new designs coming soon will also have a story and a message that will resonate, and I feel as though we need to be heard.

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