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Hi, my name is Emani. I am the CEO of MWL (Made With Love).

Since a child, I’ve always been crafty & enjoyed creating my own accessories. Being able to make my own unique pieces gave me something to do in my spare time & something I ALWAYS loved to do. Fast forward, In 2017, in my senior year of college, I became a mother to my beautiful daughter. It wasn’t easy becoming a new mother, being in school & caring for a newborn. I worked hard day & night to ensure all of my assignments were completed so that I could still graduate on time. I later graduated in December 2017 from the University of Maryland’s eastern shore, but finding a job after college is not easy. The year after, 2018, I went into a slight depression, because I wasn’t satisfied with the direction my life was going at the time, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I wanted more & knew I wanted to have something of my OWN, But I didn’t know what or how.

One day I went to purchase a few bracelet supplies & started creating different styles. Alex & Ani style bracelets were one of my favorites, so that’s what I decided to make. My friends & family took notice of the bracelets & started asking if I could make a few for them, so I did. After receiving so much positive feedback I then decided to post them on Instagram & from there MWL was birthed. People were placing orders left & right. I never knew people would gravitate & love something I simply enjoyed doing for fun and what was therapeutic to me.

I then started making custom photo bracelets that have been one of our top sellers. I wanted to do something that would not only be fashionable but also memorable as well. I lost many loved ones back to back which was very hard for me. However, I didn’t allow that to stop me or slow down my process. I decided to turn my pain into passion. Being able to create special pieces for others that may have lost loved ones made me feel good. There’s no better feeling than putting a smile on someone’s face with custom pieces that can feel the void to make them feel complete.

I know how it feels to lose someone close and dear to you, so having that special piece as a reminder that they’re always with you is the best feeling ever. From there I continued to create more, post more & people were SUPER supportive. MWL had no choice but to go into business.

MWL is a brand where you feel comfortable in your skin & with who you are. I want people to know that you are more than what you’ve been through. Don’t let anything stop you, keep going, keep striving for better even if it seems as though nothing is working out.

Trust in God, have FAITH and know that it will all eventually work out as long as you continue putting in the work. Let your accessories to do all the talking without you having to say a word. Be YOU, wear what makes you feel good.! Our accessories will have you feeling yourself every time you step out. When you look good, you FEEL even better. You can shop custom pieces that hold sentimental value & your favorite fashionable accessories.
This is MWL!

Let’s Get To Know:

Made With Love By Moni

BH – Why did you choose to develop an accessory business?

Emani – I’ve always been fashionable and into accessories since I was a little girl. I love dressing up and finishing the look with some accessories to make a statement, it just brings the look together and adds that extra pop! A necessity every woman needs. After creating bracelets for some of my family, I realized how much I loved being creative and unique with each piece. Then one day it clicked, show up every day & put in the work. MWL went into the business based on the demand. A fashionable look with MWL’s fashionable accessories makes people feel good. I’ve seen it first hand. And to top it off their customized, which is where we stand out. I’m proud of the clients’ lives MWL has touched & we plan to touch many more.

BH – What have you learned from the mistakes you’ve made?

I’ve learned that you have to keep going no matter what. You can’t allow your mistakes to discourage you. You have to first acknowledge it, make a plan of how you can do better the next time, then move forward and use those mistakes as a lesson. Keep going, don’t ever stop. In business it’s not easy, you will have some down days but the more you keep pushing and striving for better, it will all come together. Trust me!

BH – What challenges are you faced with as you venture into accessory design?

Emani – What challenges me the most is learning to have more patience with myself, my business and knowing that success doesn’t happen overnight. I had to learn how to be more patient with myself because I tend to work constantly and barely take time to give myself a break.

My fiancé tells me all the time how I need to slow down because I work myself so hard. All I know is go get it, so I always show up. My mom always told me as a child if you want something you have to work hard to get it, nothing in life will come easy. That has always stuck with me. Once I put my mind to something I won’t stop until I’ve accomplished everything I set out for myself. I’ve seen so much progress within my business alone from all the hard work, sleepless nights I’ve been putting into my business that I’m so proud of. However, I’m still not done yet and have a lot more work to do. When you put in the work, you will start to see things align for you the way it should.

BH – What are your biggest weaknesses?

Emani – That’s a good question: if anything I’d say my weakness was trying to do everything by myself. Thinking it’s too much to ask friends & family to help me in more ways than one. And not even in finances, but a helping hand, resources, & network. I realized I needed a team of people where I’m weak & that person can come in & help out in areas where they may be strong in. I’ve learned that lesson & now as MWL grows I’m still building a team, however, I’ve now realized the importance of a team & since then have been able to work with more than a few people I know to support MWL.

BH – What is your biggest strength?

Emani – My biggest strength is networking. I’m a people person & having a profitable business behind that strength is one of my biggest strengths. Connecting with my audience & clients has never been a thing to me. It comes naturally. I can be myself and people always tell me how much they love my energy. I try to show everyone that life is so much bigger than worrying about what others will think, allowing your fears to control you, letting your pride and/or ego get in the way of who you want to become. You have to be willing to do more, if you want more out of life and if you expect to succeed in business. It will not happen overnight and it won’t be easy. Step outside your comfort zone, talk to people, go to events, do research, etc. Being in college really taught me the importance of networking. You never know who you may come across that can help or push you to your fullest potential. For example, I do a lot of pop-up events. I meet so many different people but I have met some really great people along the way that has been supportive and opened more doors for my business that has still stuck with me until this day. That’s why networking is my greatest strength when it comes to my business. Get yourself out there, let your name be heard.

BH – What do you want people to know about your company?

Emani – What I want people to know about MWL is we’re here to bring fashionable memories & accessory pieces you’ll love. We are here for our clients. We strive to bring you the best experience every time you shop with us. I’ve had plenty of customers that have told me how much they love their custom pieces and how they made them feel happy knowing that they always have that piece as a reminder. I’ve also had some customers that have cried because they were so happy with their custom piece. That alone fills my heart so much. Our main goal is to touch people’s lives in fashionable & memorable ways with each MWL accessory piece. Not only do we cater to women, but we also have accessories for children and men as well.

BH – How do you deal with uncomfortable situations?

Emani – When Dealing with uncomfortable situations I’ll pray about it and try to focus on the positive. Self-reflecting is also helpful because it gives you the ability to learn and grow. When you take time to know who you are and why you feel the way you do you will then
know what steps you need to make to move forward, so in the future when uncomfortable situations arise you will know how to go about them.

BH – How would you describe your business in 2-3 sentences?

Emani – As I stated before Our goal is to touch people’s lives in fashionable & memorable ways with MWL accessories to slay. We aim to provide each customer with excellent customer service and an experience to remember. We take pride in ensuring that each customer feels good with every accessory from MWL. MWL accessories will do just that, trust me. Shopping with Made With Love by Moni you will have no regrets or sorry. “Let your accessories do all the talking without you having to say the word.” – Shop with MWL Today!

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