Mental Health Through Emotional Stressors & Adult Behaviors with Investigative Journalist Gabrielle Alexandra Smith

In this eighth episode of our mental health series, the DMVDaily and Smith will discuss how emotional problems can cause mental health issues and are a part of the mental health crisis.
DMVDaily: Emotional issues are important to faces, especially in the world we live in.
Gabrielle: Yes, if emotional issues are not dealt with, they can cause problems in our lives.
DMVDaily: Right. Especially the ones from people’s childhood.
Gabrielle: I believe there are a lot of adults that never grew up emotionally and mentally from their childhood. You see this a lot in their behaviors.
DMVDaily: This is true. It is sad.
Gabrielle: it is sad when you see toddler behaviors in adults. Physically they are are an adult, but mentally they never mentally matured. This is dangerous.
DMVDaily: Why so?
Gabrielle: Because as an adult, we are expected to have matured emotionally. Because of this expectation, mature things are thrown at us for us to handle. Why happens when an immature situation is thrown at an adult and they immature react to it.
DMVDaily: This is also because some people just have not matured. 
Gabrielle: They also were not taught to be matured. A part of being mature is associating with mature people to have their behavior rub off on you. If someone does not have a support system then this would factor into them not emotionally and mentally maturing. No one is perfect. Someone cannot mature 100% because we as human beings go through things.
DMVDaily: Right, but there should be a level of basic maturity for adults.
Gabrielle: Exactly. Everyone has things they are coping with and dealing with in this world. Especially, the things that are going on in this world. Everyone most likely has lost someone or knows of someone who was lost to Covid.
 DMVDaily: This is true. 
Gabrielle: Someone can be mature in one area and not in another. It does depend on what the area is and how important the area is. We must accept that there are areas that some of us do not know. We are oblivious to some things.
DMVDaily: Right. Do you believe that someone’s childhood would play a factor in their emotional and mental maturity?
Gabrielle: Yes. There is a certain point in our lives where we cannot blame people. After you reach 18 or 21, the ball is in your court. When you are 17 and under, you are under someone’s supervision and you have limited say in things. I am saying that there is a certain point when we become responsible for our mishaps whether it was influenced by someone or not. If someone was treated inhumanely as a minor, then as an adult go seek help or talk to someone. When you reach this point in your life, you cannot point the finger at someone else.
DMVDaily: This makes perfect sense. We as human beings love to point the finger at someone else rather than fix our own problems.
Gabrielle: Exactly, we must heal our own wounds instead of trying to fix other people. We cannot fix these wounds by ourselves.
DMVDaily: We just describe society in a nutshell. it is people trying to fix others who never sought out the time to fix themselves. 
Gabrielle: Right. I am focused on myself right now. I am currently not interested in people right not who are not trying to support me professionally. This might sound extremely rude. This is how it is for me right now. Nothing less. I am around people are having already lived out their dreams. I used to be around people who were dreaming about their dreams. This environment did not help me at all. Birds of a feather flock together. When I began to make my dreams a real reality, I was torn down by the dreamers. Young people are dreamers and there is nothing wrong with this. This is normal. I do not want to keep dreaming and dreaming and dreaming. I believe it is best to just jump out there and be around people who are already multimillionaires, live in mansions, drive expensive cars, and travel religiously whenever they want to. This is what I did.
DMVDaily: This is great, but most people do not have the luxury to do this. 
Gabrielle: Do what? Meet people?
DMVDaily: Yes. Most people are not lucky enough to meet people as you describe.
Gabrielle: They do. They are out there looking for people to pour their wisdom out into. Trust they are out there. They are not easy to find. You have to dig for them. This might be the problem. No one is going to present themselves to them. You must be a risk-taker.
DMVDaily: You cannot be a part of the percentage of people who do not take risks. 
Gabrielle: Right. I choose not to be. I have always thrown myself out there. Eventually, I will float and survive or be okay. To close out this episode, we must understand that taking accountability for having emotional and mental maturity is important and it is up to us to make this happen. It is not someone else’s job.
DMVDaily: I totally agree with this. Nice episode. 

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