1. Well, well, well. Tom cruise is back with a bang Just when you think and imagine the possibilities of him making his movies always a step above what he did the last time around. Reports at DMV say that “Nasa” administrator Jim Bridenstine, has confirmed about the organisation collaborating with Cruise for a movie. That is going to be the first time any actor has gone beyond those lengths to actually make a movie in space sounds unbelievable, Me personally have a lot of questions, But at the same time I am fascinated by something like this even coming to probability. We all know tom cruise is dedicated artist and does all of his stunts on his own. There are not much details out yet about how, when or time frame of the project but it has been given green light by all parties involved. Elon musk and Space X joining hands on deck to make this possible.

Allthough, It has been confirmed It is not going to be another Mission Impossible flick and No studio has been attached to the film at this point. There have been movies shot on the International Space Station but None like a commercial movie.Another film shot in space was 2012’s “Apogee of Fear”by Richard Garriott, the son of an astronaut. There have been few other flicks shot but none had TOM CRUISE In it. We netizens love to see good o’ll Ethan hunt kicking A** no matter what it might be on top of Burj Khalifa or in this case out of this world!

More on the story as it develops.

until next time.

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