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Jai Musiq drops new EP 2405 To


Four Tracks but Infinite in Quality

Atlanta artist Jai Musiq has recently been through a bit of turmoil with losing something very fear to him. Creatives need space but Jai lost it  with a recent fire. To dedicate to the memories of his lost he curated a small but very good EP titled 2405 To Infinity. With four tracks cleverly titled Who I am Ft Pound$, Can’t Slow Down Ft Grande Papi Patti, It Gets Better, and Innis Bitch Ft Its Just G & Lint, he gives an ode to his journey on recovering mentally from his loss in a powerful and motivational way.

It’s dedicated to our creative space out in Atlanta where my friends lived, 2405 Fair Lane. It caught fire a couple of weeks ago, and we lost everything. My friends also had to find a new place to live. But this project represents the memories we created and the legacy that will last. – Jai Musiq on his loss



He Recently updated me and they found a new location so their loss wasn’t permanent, and it was so much sweeter to add to a good EP. To best some up Jai, I can call him a slight mixture of Meek Mill, Andre 3000, and Young Nudy. With great production, matching features, and a powerful message behind the EP, I deem it a must listen!

Final Verdict: 9/10

  • Motivational
  • Heart felt
  • Bars
  • Good production

Stream 2405 To Infinity Here:

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