Nation’s Capitol Gabrielle Alexandra Speaks on Love & Relationships  – “I am a Hopeless Romantic”

Continuing from Part Three


Gabrielle: Being a hopeless romantic is being extremely romantic and being in love with the idea of love.

DMVDaily: Hm, Why do you say that?.

Gabrielle: I know, but not everyone is bold enough to admit it. The older generation understands what REAL love is. Sadly my generation does not. They think they do.

DMVDaily: So, Gabrielle, what is the most romantic thing you would do for your significant other? 

Gabrielle: Before I answer, let me say this: People in my generation give up on their partners. They do not stick in there regardless of the issue. As soon as the first few arguments happen they break up or they get emotionally distracted. I am not like this. Love is dangerous if you find the right one. It changes you without you wanting to change. It’s up to the person who is changing if it’s a good or bad change. My point of the matter is that if I speak these words to someone my age they will not understand. Sex is not love. My generation confuses the two. To be clear, this is not my definition of love. This is a loaded question. I have to think.

DMVDaily: What is your definition of love?

Gabrielle: It is very hard. I have experienced it, however, it was not with someone my age. I will say that real love is extremely dangerous. It changes you for the bad and good. Hopefully in the long run it is for good. Love is so dangerous that it is emotionally lethal. I am not talking about unrequited love, which is love that is one-sided. This term is popular in my generation.   It’s emotionally lethal when it is on both sides. I cannot explain it. Love cannot be explained because it’s an action. People in my generation do not know what love is. They copy off the television and the movies. I did an interview with American actor, Wendy Davis who played on Oprah Winfrey’s Network, and Mara Brock Ali’s show called, Love Is ___


Here’s a short recap of our conversation:

GAS: These days people already assume “the end” result when first getting into a relationship. Most people believe they are with their wife or husband as soon as they get with them. This preconceived notion messes up the presentation of the relationship. Some break up in less than two to six months and some people end up being right. They do not allow the love to flow or take its own course in the relationship. 

WD: Is this what they do now? I am more informed about the last generation about this stuff.

GAS: Or they copy off how love is portrayed on TV and in films and apply it to their love life. 

WD: This is so interesting. I do feel like love has changed with technology. We did not have all this internet stuff while I was courting. The internet stuff makes men and women more accessible these days. There were a few dozen men in the orbit that I needed to meet. The people you knew were friends of friends. This was how you met. There was a commonality.”


DMVDaily: Great interview. We love how you break things down. Try to explain love.

Gabrielle: Love is drippy and gooey. If you fall so deep, then you slip and slide to get up. If you get up, then it is not love. If you keep falling, then it is love. Love is emotionally dangerous and lethal. It really tests your emotional strength. This is where my generation fails at. They have not gone through life gaining accurate emotional strength. It takes gaining this in your 20s, 30s, and even in your 40s. I have been talking to baby boomers all my life. I learned from them. They are just adult versions of children. They have a kid at heart. Society says they have to act serious. Well, with me they act like themselves. I do not judge. They are free spirits and free. 

DMVDaily: You are so mature. I understand why you fit better with the older generation. I am even taking notes

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