NBA Season top Highlights and plays 2020

With the NBA schedule shortened and finals vastly approaching; here are some highlight plays that shouldn’t go unnoticed from the previous games in the conference semi-finals.

Raptors buzzer-beater winner.

The Boston Celtics were up 2-0 in their 3rd game against the Raptors. The score was 101-103 Celtics leading points with a dunk from Theis off the bounce pass from Walker where he was doubled teamed giving the Raptors .5 seconds left. The raptors set up a play that included Kyle Lowry inbounding the ball. Celtics put in Tacko Fall to the possession hoping the height advantage of a 7 ft player can help the defense clamp the inbound to hold the win. Raptors decide to switch everything. Kyle Lowry about to inbound and lobs the pass all the way to the other side of the court where OG Anunboy is set and wide open for a 3. With a simple catch and shoot,  Anunboy hits the clean buzzer-beater. Not only did he hit the shot, but he was also defended by 7-foot Tacko Fall and still made the shot with a huge defender on him.

Last-minute play with the Thunder:

The matchup was the OKC thunder and Houston Rockets in game 7. With 11 seconds left and possession for the thunder, Chris Paul was isolating the defense in an attempt to pass the ball to an open player for a 3, but the pass was blocked by Westbrook. Thunder regain the possession, passing to another player for a three. With 4 seconds left, Durk pulled up for a 3 that was blocked by rockets James Harden. Durk got the ball from bouncing out of bounds but was unsuccessful giving the possession now to the Rockets who held the win with free throws from Covington who added 1 extra point to the score of 102-104. With 1.2 seconds left, the Thunder has the ball and only needs two to tie. The inbound was deflected as two rockets player doubled up on Adams cause the rockets to advance into the next bracket.

Lebron and Westbrook:

In the western semifinals game 1, Lebron was all over his defender Russell Westbrook not backing down on offense or defense. In the second quarter with Rockets leading by 4. Covington drove to the basket and passed to PJ Ticker for a three that he missed. Lebron got the rebound, passed to Caruso who then bounced passed the pass to Lebron who rose up quickly on defender Westbrook who attempted to take a charge but Ended up being a foul making it a three-point play for James. In the third quarter, McGee tried to intercept a pass but this ended up being a free ball for the Rockets. Westbrook was passed the ball and was driving down the court with Lebron on his tail and James got the chase-down block and rebound. James is driving back up the court with laying up the ball getting a foul on Covington making another three-point play. James also had another chase-down block in the 4th quarter on Westbrook

The NBA bubble is a whole new world and social distancing is the most important rule. Though you cannot be there, there are ways to sign up to get a virtual seat  or watch on streaming services like NBA, TNT, and ESPN.

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