The NCAA announced a significant rule change this morning. The NCAA will now allow the players to return if they go undrafted after declaring for the NBA Draft.

The new rule states:

“College basketball players who request an Undergraduate Advisory Committee evaluation, participate in the NBA combine and aren’t drafted can return to school as long as they notify their athletics director of their intent by 5 p.m. the Monday after the draft.”

“This change is effective if/when the NBA and NBPA make an expected rule change, which would make undrafted student-athletes who return to college after the draft ineligible for the NBA until the end of the next college basketball season.” – NCAA 

The NBA and NBPA still have to decide on whether they will make an expected rule change.

Agent Representation for High School Students 

Elite senior high school prospects will be able to get agent representation before their senior year. This will be huge and could shift some college powerhouses if they decide to make the jump to the NBA. If the NBA approves this expect a lot of seniors to forgo college. The 2005 NBA Draft was the last time high schoolers were drafted due to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Read the full statement by the NCAA:

Pending a decision by the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association, high school basketball players can be represented by an agent beginning July 1 before their senior year in high school, provided they have been identified as an elite senior prospect by USA Basketball.

The effective date will be decided if/when the NBA and the NBPA permit high school students to enter the draft. – NCAA

Degree Completion Program

Starting August 1st, 2019, a degree completion assistance will be enforced to Divison 1 schools. Schools will be required to pay for tuition, fees, and books for basketball players who leave school and return later to the same school.

Former student-athletes will be eligible for financial assistance to complete their first degree if they were on scholarship and fewer then 10 years passing since they left. Two years must be completed in the school for them to be eligible.

The other requirements include:

  • Meeting school’s admissions and financial aid requirements
  •  Meet NCAA academic requirements
  • Exhaust all other funding options to eligible

For more information on what the NCAA will be implementing check out their website below.


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