New Artist, Kenzo Cole releases first ever EP “Stages”

Kenzo Cole is a brand new artist haling from Temple Hills, Maryland. Last month he released his first-ever EP, Stages, along with his single Know You. Kenzo has a smooth R&B sound along with his sultry tone, the 8-track EP brings a soulful and refreshing sound to the music industry.

Though Kenzo is a brand new artist, he isn’t new to singing. At the age of 14, he always knew that being an artist was a career he longed to pursue. Cole sang in his high school choir for about two years, his father even tried to force him to sing in the church choir but he was not having it! Kenzo found himself singing around his house often and would frequently jot down song ideas. Around May of 2019 was a life-changing moment for him because he purchased his own microphone and the music software Logic Pro X and this was the time Kenzo could finally make something shake!

The stage name Kenzo Cole actually came from a Tumblr advertisement for Kenzo, the fashion house. The name Kenzo sounded catchy to him and soon he started to use it as his social media usernames and even told people it was his nickname. In order to avoid using the name disrespectfully, Kenzo did some further research and found that it is a Japanese name meaning “wise one” and “strong and healthy.” The “Cole” part is from his family name.

Kenzo Cole’s first full song he wrote was the third track “Timezones” back in May 2019. One of his producer friends, mydreamsvivid (Jalen Boston), sent over a set of beats to him and there was no official plan to create a project. During the creative process, Kenzo described it as difficult but worth it in the end. For months, he sat with beats and they have seen many different versions, names, hooks, and topics. While creating this project he was in the middle of his last semester of undergrad, a full-time student, an intern, and worked a 30-hour workweek. Though he had a hectic schedule, in January during his winter break is when he finally honed in and got focused.

In our current political climate, Kenzo hopes to use his platform and talent to bring light to the identities that are left out of the conversation when it comes to black racial injustice. Of course,  Kenzo is vocal about these issues on social media but through his music, he made the conscious decision to be honest and discuss his experiences through his queer lens.

“Our stories deserve to be told too, and we deserve to have an artist who we can relate to, and can trust to say those things we don’t get to talk about. Our dating lives, relationships, feelings, strengths, and insecurities are serious topics for all of us to explore and not a “niche”. As I grow in the audience, these things will never lose importance to me. I will always boost the voices of those getting lost in all the noise. “

The EP Stages focuses on dating and how we move through many different time periods in one’s life whether they end up in our favor or not. Kenzo further expresses that he wants his audience to know that perfectly fine to be vulnerable and honest about your feelings in relationships that are platonic, familial, and romantic.

“All we can do is let go of our attachments to the desired outcome and ground ourselves in the experience of what’s really going on and what does it mean for me, for you, for us.”


Kenzo Cole expresses his gratitude for the release of his first project and it is the beginning of his future success and length music career. He soon hopes to live off of his art alone and make an impact in the world. The positive reception he receives fuels the desire to keep pushing.  In the near future, he wishes to do features, writing for other artists and strengthening his skills as a writer, singer, and musician in order to grow and evolve as an artist.

Kenzo Cole offers something different to the music industry due to his creativity, and social awareness.  ‘Stages’ has meaning, vocals, and excellent production behind it.  We hope to hear more from Kenzo in the future,

“I trust that if I continue to create and follow my vision, God, the universe, and my ancestors will guide me exactly where I should be in the music world. Kenzo Cole will be a name to know someday soon.”

Stream “Stages” by Kenzo Cole, now available on all streaming platforms!

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