New data suggests African Americans are contracting coronavirus more than any other race

On Tuesday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan asked the Maryland Department of Health to release the racial and ethnic breakdowns on coronavirus cases. The number was revealed Thursday afternoon.

According to the Maryland Department of Health,  as of April 8, African-Americans makeup 2,064 positive coronavirus cases, along with 55 deaths. That is almost 50 percent of all the cases in the state.

Whites make up 1,540 cases and 39 deaths, whereas Asians make up 122 cases and six deaths. The data reports that there are 1,300 cases in which racial information is not available.

Dr. Christpher King, a professor at Georgetown University, says lacks are more likely to have frontline jobs that may put them in danger.


“We know that communities of color are more likely to have hourly wages. They’re more likely to have multiple forms of employment at hourly wages. They’re more likely to work on the front lines. And so the ability to practice social distancing is a challenge,” said Dr. King.



King states social distancing will work in the short term, but in the long run, health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity need to be addressed to improve public health as a whole all together.

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