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Nubian Nadja’s Tips For Self Improvement 2018



New year, new me!

2017 has passed and now it’s time to refresh in 2018! The year started off on a Monday, meaning it’s a fresh start and great way to bring in the new year! Most people create resolutions but never execute them or stay on top of their goals. Here are a few easy tips to keep your resolutions going and bring blessings into the new year!

Saving Money – Everyone wants to save their money and have a “rainy day” fund for something other than bills. Personally, I have tried multiple times to save money and nothing ever works until I found a few apps that can help me at very little cost. The first app is called Digit; a money saving app that will automatically deduct change to your account randomly in a third party app that is certified. Within the app, you can create different accounts of what you want to specifically save for. You can always pause the automatic saving option and just have the money in a third party account. At any time, you can always withdraw the money back to your debit or credit card. The purpose of the app is to save without knowing. I was using the app for a few months and without even trying, I saved 75.48. The first 3 months are free and then their is a 2.99 fee, but this is a small fee for a lifetime of savings. Another way to save money is the 5 dollar challenge. Simply take 5 dollars from any money you will encounter and put this in a jar or container that you cannot open and watch the savings grow. You will always make an excuse as to why you need that 5, but in reality; you don’t. Also, stay up on bills! Any credit card you use has an app to keep track of the money you are spending. Set a limit to how much you want to spend BEFORE  you go out or set a limit of when to STOP swiping your card. Lastly, create a limit on what you spend the most on. For example, I spend a lot of money on makeup. I’ve set a limit of only buying four items a month. Even if I buy four eye pencils, that’s all I will buy for the month. I also try monthly subscriptions of makeup such as box charm (Here is a link to sign up: or ipsy ($10 dollar subscription of deluxe samples) so I know there is a set amount of money I’m spending on makeup.

Losing Weight- There are ways you can maintain or lose weight if you feel as though this is a goal for 2018. The best app you should use for anything is Pinterest. Pinterest is the holy grail for finding just about anything. Use Pinterest to look up different workout ideas. For example, let’s say you work in the office all the time and never feel like there is time to go to the gym. Using Pinterest, you can look up office workouts. There are a plethora of simple movements with office supplies sometimes to build and burn some calories in those hours of work. Another app is my fitness pal. This app not only helps you count calories of everything you eat, but it also counts your steps for the day and deducts that from the calories you ate to see how many calories you’ve consumed for the day with exercise. Another app is sweatcoin; a program that pays you to walk! It keeps track of the steps taken and converts them into sweatcoins that can be converted into gift cards, dollars off purchases, and sometimes money thru PayPal. Check it out!, very rewarding for working out.  If you’re more intermediate, sign up for a gym subscription and be consistent with working out. Gym membership are low in the beginning of January. Planet fitness always have a deal to sign up for 1 dollar and 10 dollars a month. Something as little as 30 minutes 3-4 times a week will create a drastic change in your body. Eventually, build up from that 30 minutes to a 40,45, 1 hour and so on while increasing speed and intervals then eventually working up to weight training.


Positive attitude- Keeping positivity is key to having balance within your life. Thinking and speaking positivity can open doors of blessings. It is important to keep that positivity for your mental health and well being. A positive attitude will keep you on the right track and focused on the goals you create. Thinking negatively can create a domino effect on your life. Every small thing that happens to go wrong will be thought of as a big problem in your mind. There are small ways to keep a positive mind such as taking time for yourself. The biggest thing I’ve done in order to take care of me is having dates with myself. Sound crazy right? But if you take time out of stressing and thinking negatively, turn off your phone and relax with simple activities like going to the park, nail salon, walk around the mall, or even do something out of your comfort element, your mind will be at ease for some hours. This can cause you to refocus and forget the negative thoughts prior.

These are great ways to start up the new year! Set goals and be proactive with those goals! January 2018 is a fresh start but execution and motivation will keep your goals all of 2018!